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The Stradivarius in the Spruce: Writing Heals

By Joan Leof This article first appeared in Spirituality Health.  Let writing be your liberator. There may just be a violin trapped within you, just waiting to emerge. “I observe them, I touch them, sometimes I even hug them. Look carefully and they’ll tell you their life story, their trauma, their joys, everything ...” ... Read More >>

IAJW Member Interview with Sylvia Bliss

This inspiring IAJW Member Interview is with Sylvia Bliss from Chittenango, in Central New York, United States. Sylvia was born and grew up in Lima, Peru. Sylvia is a regular participant in our monthly IAJW Member Events.  Her kind and creative presence is always much appreciated in our Writing Alone Together Circles and other member ... Read More >>

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Creative Journaling for Self Care

By Nicolle Nattrass There are many reasons we can choose to journal. Perhaps we are trying to gain clarity, solve a problem, or nourish our creative self-expression. Many people journal to improve their health and well-being. This where journaling for self care, replenishment, healing and renewal can be extremely beneficial. In this article ... Read More >>


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