What does it mean to “write from the body”?

When we ‘write from the body’, we write from the bodily home we inhabit in this life.

We might write from a black body, a queer body, a white or mixed race body, a dying body, a non-binary body, an able-bodied body, an immunocompromised body, a fat body, a disabled, exhausted or ill body, a body in love and rapture, a relaxed or resilient body… or any possible combination of these.

Writing from the body means writing our memories, stories and the stories of our ancestors which we carry in our bodies, in our bones and blood.

It means becoming aware of assumptions about our own bodies and of others’ bodies and confronting prejudice and judgments we hold.

Through writing from the body we have a chance to find compassion, kindness, care and love for our bodies as we give space for our body’s voice.

We might have ignored the voice of our body for many reasons and maybe for a long time.

Writing from our bodies is an opportunity to release expectations and pressure to be anything else than who we are and to truly listen to what our bodies have to tell us and want to share.

To find a voice where we have previously suppressed it.

To express what couldn’t be said.

To voice pain, grief as well as pleasure and joy.

Through writing from the body we can slowly, gently allow ourselves to listen to our own stories.

To honour and hold holy our bodies and our histories.

And ultimately to come home to ourselves.

And we do it in COMMUNITY. This is one of the most important pieces.

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Author: Eva Weaver is an author, writing coach, breathwork facilitator and sex coach, based in the UK. With her unique ‘Writing from the Body’ programme, ‘Wild Write’ groups and individual ‘Wild Write coaching’ intensives, she has lead many budding writers to become confident in their writing, unblock and find their true, embodied, unique voice. ‘Writing from the Body’ explores the connection between our bodies and how we express ourselves creatively. It introduces different entryways to creative writing through embodiment and has been taken by many people all over the world, live and online. evaweaver.com