Affirmations for Self-Love: A Motivational Journal with Prompts for Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance, and Positive Self-Talk (Inspirational Guided Journal)

By Eric Maisel & Lynda Monk 

The Great Book of Journaling: How Journal Writing Can Support a Life of Wellness, Creativity, Meaning and Purpose 

Co-edited by Eric Maisel & Lynda Monk

The Great Book of Journaling provides calming tools for quelling worry and anxiety from creativity coach Eric Maisel. As well as expert writing tips from Lynda Monk, Director of the International Association for Journal Writing.

Learn from the Best. We’ve rounded up 40 of the top journal experts in the world to explain exactly what journal writing can do for you! The Great Book of Journaling is full of practical tips, evidence-based research, and rich anecdotes from their coaching, teaching, therapy work with journal writers, or their personal journal writing.

Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists and Clients: A Complete Guide to the Benefits of Personal Writing

Co-edited by Lynda Monk & Eric Maisel

In Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists, and ClientsA Complete Guide to the Benefits of Personal Writing, more than 50 coaches, therapists, and journaling experts from around the world share their best practices and explain in detail how they use journaling to improve their work with clients.

This book is essential reading for coaches, therapists, and other mental health professionals, as well as those interested in using personal writing for growth and self-awareness.

Writing Alone Together: Journalling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection

Co-authored by Wendy Judith Cutler, Lynda Monk & Ahava Shira

Part memoir, part writing practice, part inspiration, Writing Alone Together is a multi-voiced creation of three passionate and committed journal writers who discovered the depth and complexity that emerges from going to the blank page together.

Journalling in a circle of women will help you live more authentically, cope with life’s challenges, celebrate your gifts and connect more deeply with yourself and others.

The Coach’s Guide to Completing Creative Work: Top Tips for Working with Procrastination, Perfectionism and More

Co-edited by Eric Maisel & Lynda Monk