Benefits of Journaling

There are many well researched benefits of journal writing.  Learn about the healing and transformational benefits of expressive writing in the following articles. Write and be well!

Hearts are Waiting by Eric Maisel, PhD + Journal Prompts

A note from Lynda Monk, Director, As a journal writer, you are engaging in creative self-expression that can support your heart work and well-being.  We are living in challenging and changing times.  This is being felt at both the individual and collective levels in society.  We need Hope.  Encouragement. Inspiration. Optimism. We need to ... Read More >>

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Finding Your Voice Through Journal Writing

IAJW Member Spotlight Interview with Richard Bliss Richard Bliss is a dedicated member of our IAJW community.  He lives in the United States in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. The following is a recent interview with him... Why did you join the IAJW?  In my busy life I felt that journal writing, something I was ... Read More >>

Ten Benefits of a (High Quality) Online Journal Class by Ruth Folit

Do you ever feel reluctant to write in your journal? Do you get stuck writing a series of entries going over the same ground and not making headway? All journal writers--novice, intermittent, and dedicated--hit a wall sometimes. The solution: take a journal class. It's a refreshing, uplifting, motivating experience, if done well. Here are ... Read More >>

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