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Ask our journal coach! Do you have a question about journaling? Perhaps you are wondering what to write about or how to journal consistently or how to take your personal writing to a deeper level? You are invited to submit any questions you have about how to journal or how to use journaling to support you with different areas of your life, personal growth, wellness and success.  Simply send your question by contacting us here!

How to Facilitate Trauma-Informed Journaling by Nicolle Nattrass

Written by Nicolle Nattrass How to Facilitate Trauma-Informed Journaling Overview of the purpose of this article ... Journaling is a tool for life, an incredibly powerful and valuable therapeutic tool. One of the many gifts of learning how to facilitate trauma-informed journaling is the satisfaction of ... Read More >>

6 Keys to Journaling with Children – Excerpt by Nicolle Nattrass

About this Journaling Series by Eric Maisel Inspired by Contributors to The Great Book of Journaling This series of guest blog posts on various topics related to journaling, was created for a series called “Journaling for Men” that appears on the Good Men Project blog. It is designed to help everyone, and especially men who may ... Read More >>

NEW “Ask Our Coach” Feature with Joyce Chapman: How do I create a journal writing habit?

Welcome to our brand new "Ask Our Coach" feature on our IAJW blog! How does this work?  Feel welcome to submit a question you have about journal or life writing using our contact form.  Simply put "Ask Our Coach" in your message and share your question with us.  One of our Journal Council Members will ... Read More >>

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