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Journaling for Health & Wellness

Broadcast at KATU2, July 2021

Many people started journaling during the pandemic as a way to combat stress, but even though we’re returning to a more normal life there are still benefits to journaling.

Celebrating World Gratitude Day

Broadcast at WHO13, September 2021

There are many different types of journaling. Gratitude journaling is one option.

Journaling for Mental Health

Broadcast at News Channel 8, August 2021

Journaling is a constant companion and something we can turn to and write about our thoughts and feelings to keep us centered and grounded even with turmoil and stress all around.

Benefits of journaling through life transitions

Broadcast at FOX 17, August 2021

Journaling expert and director of the International Association of Journal Writing, Lynda Monk, explains the benefits of journaling and how people can get started.

Tips for Journaling and Why an Expert Says It Can Help Relieve Stress

Broadcast at PHL17, September 2021

Feeling a little stressed out? Experts say the impact of the Pandemic, work, school and daily responsibilities can cause us to have a lot on our plate. One stress reliever an expert joining us to talk about is journaling.

Journaling to Prevent Burnout

Broadcast at ABC10, July 2021

Experts say journaling can help prevent burnout and reduce stress, and we get some tips on how to make this healthy habit going.

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Hobby, Self-Care, Career: How Journaling Has Helped Lynda Monk Throughout Her Life

Published at Thrive Global

Through the years–and especially in the past few months–journaling has become a hot topic in many online forums dedicated to mental health and wellness in general. It’s also cropped up in articles in leading publications like New York Times and Huffpost. Journaling has so many benefits to offer and can even help one better understand…

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3 Good Reasons for Men to Journal

Published at The Good Men Project, July 2021

Journaling can be very important and highly effective for men, considering the general taboo that still surrounds men, in some cases, in relation to expressing their inner dialogue, feelings, and vulnerabilities.

The Write Stuff!

Published at Thrive Global

As family caregivers, we all know the pressures and stresses that come and go through our caregiving experience. That’s why it is so important to have tools and practices at our disposal to help us, especially during difficult times.

The Power of Female Magnanimity: Successful Entrepreneurs with Businesses that Help Others

Published at Before It’s News, July 2021

“A little bit of kindness goes a long way.” Since the beginning of Covid-19, IAJW has been giving out free memberships to individuals in need, in order to provide them access to the benefits of writing and belonging to a community.

Looking Back & Dreaming Forward

Published at Inspired, December 2021

Journalling is a creative way of using self-expression, writing, stories and language to help us constantly re-invent ourselves and stay connected to limitless possibilities.

Live Happier With Gratitude Journaling

Published at She Scribes

Happiness in some ways happens when we are able to find something to be grateful for even during the tough times in our lives. Keeping a gratitude journal is a popular practice used by those seeking to improve and grow themselves.

Journaling for Comfort and Self-Care During Cancer

Published at Coping

Cancer can be a lonely and scary experience. However, the cancer journey is also a courageous one. Writing down your thoughts and emotions can be cathartic.

When we come together, we gain inspiration, ideas and transformational growth through story

Published at Thrive Global

Do you know anyone who journals regularly? If your answer is yes, then you’re quite lucky, because very few people actually practice this art form, and even among the journaling population, fewer individuals are open to talking about it.

Accepting Yourself with a Click of a Pen

Published at Bella Magazine

Have you ever been too hard on yourself or pushed yourself past your limits? Learn the power of self-love through journaling.

14 Women Entrepreneurs and their Best Business Advice

Published at Thrive Global

As the director of the International Association for Journal Writing Lynda shares the healing and transformational benefits of personal writing to the world, which everyone can agree that the world needs now more than ever.

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Young man pushes older man in wheel chair

Journaling as Stress Relief for Men Who Care

Published at the Good Men Project

As a man who cares, how do you fill your own cup as a caregiver? How do you care for yourself? How do you get your own needs for wellness, replenishment and support met?

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Journal to Reconnect with Your Inner Self & Make Your Unique Offering to the World

Published by The Good Men

“Self-expression simply means to offer the world our most unique, precious essence.” Jacob Nordby