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How to Journal Consistently 

Do you want to create the journaling habit in 2024?  This is part of our How to Journal series of articles. Journaling, like any other worthwhile habit, has many benefits. With the New Year soon before us, many people want to start, and hope to sustain, healthy habits, including journaling. Journaling is a practice ... Read More >>

2024-04-04T10:59:50-07:00December 28th, 2023|How to Journal|

Your Creative Self-Expression: Free Writing vs Structured Journal Writing 

Free writing and structured writing are two different approaches to journaling, each with its own benefits and purposes. I use both free writing and structured writing within my journaling practice because both forms of journaling help me gain new insights and find different ways to express myself and increase self-awareness along the way. About ... Read More >>

2023-07-10T17:13:46-07:00July 10th, 2023|How to Journal|

Father’s Day Journal by Peter Allan

From the Pages of Our Journals Are you curious what other people write about in their journals?  Through our monthly Writing Alone Together Circles, one our IAJW Member Benefits, I have seen how powerful it is to journal and also to share journaling (voluntarily) within a kind, compassionate and caring community.  Both writer and ... Read More >>

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