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IAJW Member Interview with Sylvia Bliss

This inspiring IAJW Member Interview is with Sylvia Bliss from Chittenango, in Central New York, United States. Sylvia was born and grew up in Lima, Peru. Sylvia is a regular participant in our monthly IAJW Member Events.  Her kind and creative presence is always much appreciated in our Writing Alone Together Circles and other member ... Read More >>

2022-05-15T18:58:49-07:00May 15th, 2022|IAJW Community & News|

How Journaling Helps You Practice Mindfulness

How Your Journal Is Already Teaching You Mindfulness By Beth Jacobs, PhD Here is some good news:  if you are engaged in any kind of journaling practice, even if you’ve just tried to journal one time, you are developing mindfulness skills.  Journaling is an automatic tool of mindfulness.  Like with any tool, from a pencil ... Read More >>

Earth Day Journaling by Lynda Monk

Earth Day Journaling by Lynda Monk The following is a journal entry I wrote in the pages of my journal today, Friday, April 22, 2022 on Earth Day... it appeared as a love letter to the earth. Please note, this is an unedited journal entry and therefore is not written with grammar, punctuation, etc. in ... Read More >>

2022-04-24T21:36:21-07:00April 22nd, 2022|Journal Examples|

IAJW Member Spotlight Interview with Genevieve Chye

IAJW Member Spotlight Interview with Genevieve Chye Our IAJW Member Spotlight Interviews are a way to introduce our amazing members within our global journaling community to our Museletter readers and to fellow journal writers worldwide. Every journal writer has their own unique experience with why and how they journal. These interviews are intended to share ... Read More >>

2022-03-28T09:50:43-07:00March 15th, 2022|IAJW Community & News|

The re-launched IAJW is celebrating our 4th year anniversary!

It is important in life, relationships and business to celebrate our milestones, to pause and look back, dream forward and give thanks.  That is what I have been doing within the IAJW this past month as we celebrate our 4th anniversary since I re-launched the IAJW and took over leadership of our organization from the ... Read More >>

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How to Use Journaling to Open to Greater Possibilities for Your Life

How to Use Journaling to Open to Greater Possibilities for Your Life by Eric Teplitz The rapid rate of change in our world can be disorienting and anxiety-producing. Moreover, we are always changing, as well. Our bodies change, our health can change (for the better or worse), our desires and priorities change, our relationships change ... Read More >>

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