Group Journal Writing

While journal writing is typically a solitary act it can also be done in groups.  Journal writing groups offer inspiration, support, compassion and connection. Group journal writing can be done in classes, workshops, coaching programs, within counselling, schools, and for team building within workplaces. Group journaling offers many benefits!

How to Facilitate Trauma-Informed Journaling by Nicolle Nattrass

Written by Nicolle Nattrass How to Facilitate Trauma-Informed Journaling Overview of the purpose of this article ... Journaling is a tool for life, an incredibly powerful and valuable therapeutic tool. One of the many gifts of learning how to facilitate trauma-informed journaling is the satisfaction of ... Read More >>

4 Steps To Creating A Journal Writing Group

About this Journaling Series by Eric Maisel Inspired by Contributing Authors to The Great Book of Journaling: How Journal Writing Can Support a Life of Wellness, Creativity, Meaning and Purpose This series of guest blog posts on various topics related to journaling, was created for a series called “Journaling for Men” that appears on the Good Men ... Read More >>

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Writing Alone Together: A Practice of Creative and Compassionate Witness by Ahava Shira

“When we write we tell the stories of our lives—the dark and light, the struggles and successes, the hopes and fears, the aches and pleasures. We write to learn about ourselves, to enlarge our understanding of ourselves and one another.” Cutler, Monk & Shira, 2014 ~ How can a practice as solitary as journal writing ... Read More >>

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The Experience of a Journal Writing Group by Jess Chua

The Experience of a Journal Writing Group Journaling is something I’ve done since I was a young teenager. It was only in mid-2019, however, that I started searching online rather intentionally for a like-minded community to join. As some of my interests (like niche socio-politics) fall within a highly charged territory, I instinctively gravitated towards ... Read More >>

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