It is National Poetry Month in both Canada and the US. Judy Reeves, one of our IAJW Journal Council members, created an inspiring Book Spine Poem. I had never heard of a Book Spine Poem and was immediately drawn to it.

I wanted to create one too and thought it would be fun to invite others in our journaling community to play with poetry in this way too!

Try this: Simply take a look at your books and pick out 6 of them to stack together, allowing the titles of the books to form the lines of your poem.

Feel welcome to offer an image of your own Book Spine Poem or simply write it out and share it in the comments below.  I look forward to reading your creations.

Here is Judy Reeves’ Book Spine Poem…

Book Spine Poem by Amy Muscoplat, IAJW Member

Book Spine Poem by Deborah Hamilton, IAJW Member

Create your own Book Spine Poem and feel welcome to share it in the comments below…

Happy creating.