Part 3: Enigma Variations on Trivial Trialities by Timothy J Sullivan

Creative Journal Writing with Timothy Sullivan! Did you read part 1 and part 2 of this series already? If you are philosophically inclined, (who isn’t, really) a triad triviality may suggest a question, an enigma or existential conundrum you could explore, research, expound upon. I mean, we all have questions. Big ones and trivial ... Read More >>

Part 2: Diving Deeper into Word Triplex and Journal Practice by Timothy J Sullivan

Have you been collecting your own triplets? Did you see part 1 of this article? A metaphysical aside: In many cosmologies and theologies, there is the Law of Three, a three-element logic that drives all creation. This shows up in spiritual traditions as various representations of the Trinity. For example, you are likely familiar ... Read More >>

Part 1: From Trivial Triality to Significant Pursuit by Timothy J Sullivan

Here's a wild and crazy idea for writers, artists and journal keepers, seeking inspiration to fuel their creativity. This is inspired by my practice of bringing together three words that begin with the same first letter, or two letters, which then creates an alliance of alliterative assonance. When they arrive, which can be at any moment, any ... Read More >>

The re-launched IAJW is celebrating our 4th year anniversary!

It is important in life, relationships and business to celebrate our milestones, to pause and look back, dream forward and give thanks.  That is what I have been doing within the IAJW this past month as we celebrate our 4th anniversary since I re-launched the IAJW and took over leadership of our organization from the ... Read More >>

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