Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC


Lynda is a gifted storyteller and sought after inspirational wellness speaker. She regularly speaks about the healing and transformational power of writing for self-care, self-discovery, health, wellness and personal growth. Lynda is known for her compassionate and engaging style, her storytelling and the experiential way she engages and nourishes audiences both in-person and through virtual events such as online summits, podcasts and radio interviews.

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Examples of Popular Speaking Topics

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Writing for Wellness

  • Discover the healing benefits of expressive writing for resilience and stress reduction
  • Learn how to improve your emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health through writing

Journal Writing for
Growth & Success

  • Go to the page for personal growth, self-care and self-discovery
  • Create greater success in life and work through transformational journaling

Write Your Way to
Clarity & Calm

  • Tap into your own inner wisdom to access greater clarity and make authentic decisions
  • Increase feelings of calm, centeredness and inner peace

Praise for Lynda’s Speaking & Presentations

“Lynda was one of the favourite workshop leaders at our Imagining Possibilities 1-day Conference for young women (age 15 – 24), engaging participants in a dynamic and passionate way. Comments included, “It was very inspiring and prompted introspection,” and, “She was clear, organized, giving, knew it all really well.” Her work completely supported our goals of firing up young women to take charge of their lives and believing that they can: Lynda was positive, spoke their language and led participants to reach their own “aha”. We are delighted that she is returning this year.”

~ Suzanne Heron, Event Coordinator

“Lynda is a passionate and engaged speaker and her workshop was very well-received by our participants. Our conference attracts a specific segment of family service professionals (those working with pregnant and parenting youth), and I very much appreciated Lynda’s openness to targeting her workshop directly towards the work they do. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with participants commenting on Lynda’s dynamic presentation skills, the quality of the resources, and the usefulness of the skills and strategies discussed.”

~ Kerry Watts, Program Coordinator, BC Council for Families and the Alliance of Professionals Serving Young Parents

“Lynda was such a fabulous guest on our Create Your Inspired Life After 40 radio show because she brought her authenticity, her wisdom and her vulnerability to the conversation. I really admire Lynda’s ability to share deep insights and wisdom with her audience in a way that is relatable and understandable, while at the same time being incredibly inspirational for those listening!  Lynda is the “real deal” and she absolutely knows her content. A true joy to share her with our community!”

~ Diane Lloyd, CEO  and Talk Show Host, Inspired Results Group

“Having Lynda as a guest expert on JournalTalk is both a refreshing and invigorating experience. She knows how to share the magic of new possibilities with an audience, in a simple, inspirational and informative style. We’re ready to have her back again anytime!”

~ Nathan Ohren,

“I was deeply moved by the authentic way Lynda shared her journey as a writer and the gentle, respectful way she engaged with the audience was beautiful to witness.”

~ Monique Gray Smith, Host of ‘When Women Write’

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“It is always a joy to collaborate with Lynda Monk on any project. Whether training, curriculum development or a myriad of wellness activities, Lynda is flawless in her facilitation and will custom design a training session that meets your needs in a timely, flexible and sensitive manner. Lynda’s sessions consistently result in glowing feedback and always leave the participants stronger and wiser for having spent the time with her.”

~ Kim Dooling , Regional Child Welfare Consultant Field Education Coordinator

“Lynda was an absolute pleasure to work with and went above and beyond in both the promotion of our event as well as an outstanding delivery on writing for wellness. Her willingness to spend time tailoring the presentation to our audience was most appreciated!  I wish all the speakers I worked with could be as generous and passionate about the outcome of their efforts as Lynda is!”

~ Shannon Sullivan, CHHC, Whole Food Love

“Lynda’s ability to be flexible and responsive to our agencies needs was tremendous! The staff are excited about developing self-care plans and look forward to working with Lynda again.”

~ Chris Leischner, MSW, Registered Social Worker

Lynda Monk is a wise, patient, entertaining, and articulate speaker. She speaks from her heart with clarity and easily illuminates philosophical concepts into practical messages that her audience can relate to and be inspired by.

~ Elizabeth Bishop, Serving Consciously,

“Lynda Monk’s authentic and easy-going style made her one of my favorite people to interview as well as one of my viewer’s favorite speakers to watch. Her heart-felt vulnerability really struck a cord with my viewers and her easy-to-implement writing strategies help facilitate healing in a powerful way. I can’t wait to work with her again on my next project!”

~ Mary E. Pritchard, PhD, HHC, Psychologist & Body Love Expert, Awakening the Goddess Within

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