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Journal writers are often book lovers too!  Did you know there are many incredible books about journal writing to help you enrich your journaling practice and go deeper with your personal writing?  Check out some of our journaling book reviews!

6 Keys to Journaling with Children – Excerpt by Nicolle Nattrass

About this Journaling Series by Eric Maisel Inspired by Contributors to The Great Book of Journaling This series of guest blog posts on various topics related to journaling, was created for a series called “Journaling for Men” that appears on the Good Men Project blog. It is designed to help everyone, and especially men who may ... Read More >>

Writing Wild by Tina Welling – Journaling Book Recommendation

Creative Writing & Journaling Book Recommendation by Director, Lynda Monk Introduction to my Book Recommendation Series: 20 Favourite Books to Get Creative with Your Journaling and Writing As a Writing for Wellness Coach and Author, one of my favourite go-to practices for my own self-care, creativity and personal growth ... Read More >>

The Great Book of Journaling Review

Review by Mary Ann Moore - The Great Book of Journaling This review first appeared at Eric Maisel who has written over 50 books on writing, creativity and such topics as establishing your own daily practice, and Lynda Monk, writer and director of the International Association for Journal Writing (IAJW), have gathered an ... Read More >>

Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists and Clients Book Review

Book Review by Mary Ann Moore About the Book There are many benefits to journaling as the editors and writers of this new, comprehensive collection, Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists, and Clients (Routledge, 2021) illustrate. Among them are gaining perspective, increasing clarity with life decisions, tapping into inner ways of knowing, noticing and clearing limiting ... Read More >>

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15 Awesome Journaling Book Suggestions

Do you want more inspiration for your journal writing journey?  My friend and colleague, Emma-Louise Elsey, founder of The Coaching Tools Company, recently co-authored an article for her blog on GET Journaling: 15 of the Best Journaling Books.  We are both coaches and avid journal writers.  We brought our shared passion for journaling (and books) ... Read More >>

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9 Favourite Books We Are Reading from our IAJW Journal Council

Are you ever curious about what other people are reading? One of the things that makes the International Association for Journal Writing special and unique is the presence of our Journal Council.  We are a group of 22 authors and experts in the journal writing, expressive writing, therapeutic journaling and creative writing fields respectively. We ... Read More >>

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