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Fast Fiction in Action: My Experience of Writing the First Draft of a Novel with Denise Jaden

When I first read Denise Jaden's book Fast Fiction: A Guide to Outlining and Writing a First-Draft Novel in Thirty Days (her ideas can be used for writing memoir and creative non-fiction too!) and then interviewed her for an IAJW telechat (you can find this recording in the Audio Library, Member Only Area), I was fascinated ... Read More >>

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Writing Your Family Memoir: How to Begin by Barbara Graham

Writing your family memoir is like dusting for fingerprints. You leave behind almost invisible fingerprints when you touch anything--refrigerator door handles, light switches, drinking glasses. Detectives know how to carefully coat these unseen marks with a fine powder and then use a camel hair brush to gently remove the excess powder so the fingerprints appear. ... Read More >>

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Start with Journal Fragments: How to Write Creative Non-fiction by Ruth Folit

Creative non-fiction, which includes personal essays and memoir, is a relatively new writing genre that is sweeping the writing world. In creative non-fiction, readers learn via a story narrative, rather than through the expository writing style that you might find in a textbook. Personal essays and memoir are tethered to the facts of your life. ... Read More >>

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