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10 Beautiful Summer Journaling Prompts to Connect to Your Inner Wisdom!

By Emma-Louise Elsey, Founder of FierceKindness.com This article first appeared on Emma Louise's Fierce Kindness blog. You have great wisdom, but are you listening? When did you last feel a deep self-connection, truly pay attention to you and make space to hear what you have to say? Because whether you like it or not, you’re on ... Read More >>

10 “Spring Clean Your Life” Journaling Prompts by Emma-Louise Elsey

It's the perfect time to pause & ponder... Spring is officially here for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere*, even if the weather hasn’t caught up! Would you like some inspiration to freshen up your motivation? As the longer days return and we have more light (and hopefully sunshine), it’s the perfect time to ... Read More >>

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**NEW Infographic** – Why & How to Get Journaling!

Journaling is a powerful tool to raise our self-awareness, wellness and creative self-expression.  Below is a beautiful co-created infographic. Lynda Monk of the IAJW (International Association for Journal Writing) and Emma- Louise Elsey of The Coaching Tools Company had a lot of fun creating this infographic to offer tips and ideas to help you GET ... Read More >>

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15 Awesome Journaling Book Suggestions

Do you want more inspiration for your journal writing journey?  My friend and colleague, Emma-Louise Elsey, founder of The Coaching Tools Company, recently co-authored an article for her blog on GET Journaling: 15 of the Best Journaling Books.  We are both coaches and avid journal writers.  We brought our shared passion for journaling (and books) ... Read More >>

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