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Wings of Inspiration: Bird-Themed Journal Prompts to Elevate Your Writing

Journaling is a storytelling practice. Journal writing is also a self-inquiry practice, a reflective practice, a meaning making practice. Writing about our inner lives and outer worlds helps us make sense of our experiences, helps us heal, and helps us grow. Journal writing is a way of noticing and acknowledging the mystery, wonder, complexity ... Read More >>

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The Great Book of Journaling Review

Review by Mary Ann Moore - The Great Book of Journaling This review first appeared at Eric Maisel who has written over 50 books on writing, creativity and such topics as establishing your own daily practice, and Lynda Monk, writer and director of the International Association for Journal Writing (IAJW), have gathered an ... Read More >>

10 Beautiful Summer Journaling Prompts to Connect to Your Inner Wisdom!

By Emma-Louise Elsey, Founder of This article first appeared on Emma Louise's Fierce Kindness blog. You have great wisdom, but are you listening? When did you last feel a deep self-connection, truly pay attention to you and make space to hear what you have to say? Because whether you like it or not, you’re on ... Read More >>

Combining Guided Meditation & Journaling for Increased Mindfulness

Meditation Musings by Peter Allan I’ve been meditating a lot about meditation. I think it’s fair to share that for the last number of years my meditation practice is tied to the 1st cup of morning coffee (see photo). My ritual begins by lifting the lid of the large Bialetti ... Read More >>

10 “Spring Clean Your Life” Journaling Prompts by Emma-Louise Elsey

It's the perfect time to pause & ponder... Spring is officially here for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere*, even if the weather hasn’t caught up! Would you like some inspiration to freshen up your motivation? As the longer days return and we have more light (and hopefully sunshine), it’s the perfect time to ... Read More >>

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How to Use Journaling to Open to Greater Possibilities for Your Life

How to Use Journaling to Open to Greater Possibilities for Your Life by Eric Teplitz The rapid rate of change in our world can be disorienting and anxiety-producing. Moreover, we are always changing, as well. Our bodies change, our health can change (for the better or worse), our desires and priorities change, our relationships change ... Read More >>

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