Transformational Writing for Wellness Salon with Lynda Monk

The Transformational Writing for Wellness Salon happens within my online coaching and course platform, called Jigsaw Box.  If you have registered for the Salon, you will receive a link to access and register in Jigsaw Box and all of our Salon will happen there!  Thank you and see you in the Salon.  

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Writing for Emotional Balance with Beth Jacob

Welcome to Writing for Emotional Balance! 35 years as a writer and a practicing clinical psychologist have been condensed into this course on Writing for Emotional Balance. Writing is not just a way to vent feelings; writing is a tool of psychological skill and development. I hope this course will give you a self-guided format ... Read More >>

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The Focused Journal Method with Eric Maisel

Welcome to The Focused Journal Method Course Nothing matters more than the way we relate to ourselves. The Focused Journal Method is a technique that can help you enter into a better self-relationship through using journaling in a specific way. The Focused Journal Method has 8 steps that will be taught in detail within this ... Read More >>

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Journal Entry to Personal Essay with Sheila Bender

Welcome to this 4 week online course (that you are welcome to work through at your own pace), From Journal Entry to Personal Essay! During this course, you'll be receiving information that will help you write a polished personal essay on a topic of your choosing.  We hope you love this creative adventure! I am ... Read More >>

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