Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to…Live Your Dream: Discover What You Want And Celebrate It Happening an online class that is designed to awaken and inspire you to discover your life purpose and claim your biggest dream.

Dream Coaching Session Just for YOU!

This course also includes a personal, individual 1/2 hour Dream Coaching Session to help you become the actualized dreamer you always wanted to be!  Simply email dreams@joycechapman.com to schedule your coaching session at anytime throughout your course journey.

It is a privilege and a joy to be your guide for this 8 lesson online class Live Your Dream: Discover What You Want and Celebrate It Happening!

What to Expect:

This is a self-guided online 8 lesson class that you can proceed with at your own pace.  There are a lot of reflective journaling prompts in this course and they progress intentionally to help you identify and live your dream.  While you are working through the course, feel welcome to leave comments as this will put you in connection with fellow dreamers on the journey.

Personal Connection with Joyce Chapman, M.A. Live Your Dream Coach

Happily, the flow of my life has brought me to this path of joining with you as you prepare to live true to all your wishes, hopes and dreams. I believe that by embracing your natural knowing, your radiance will energize everything around you. Your shift in consciousness will empower both yourself and others. Your dream path will feel natural and right for you and your experience of love and joy will expand exponentially!

While this is a self-guided course, please know I am here to respond to your comments and answer your questions.  You can email me at dreams@joycechapman.com

So, let’s join together and celebrate dreaming!

In Joy!

Joyce Chapman, M.A. in Counseling Psychology


Please note, this course and all of it’s materials are copyrighted by Joyce Chapman and provided by the IAJW.org.  Please do not share course materials with others.  Thank you for your integrity.