Creative Journaling for Self-Care

Welcome to Creative Journaling for Self-Care!

Do you feel like you have limited time and yet would benefit from more time for ease, clarity and fuel for your daily life?

Self-care is the fuel that moves us forward in our personal and professional lives. It doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming or expensive.
All of us have within us, the ability to discover a way to practise enjoyable and simple self-care through journaling.


• Use your time effectively to reduce stress, find enjoyment and beauty in an easy, accessible self-care journaling practise.
• Learn easy to use journaling practices to improve clarity, strength and renewed purpose.
• Explore creative impulses through small digestible exercises & tasks that feed enjoyment through self-care.

This is a 4 lesson online course that you can enjoy at your own pace.

Each creative course lesson offers you the following:

Inspirational Quote
Definition of easy to apply journaling tool
Suggested Action for the week
Journal assignment for the week along with beautiful and easy to use worksheets.
Weekly Creativity Challenge. (Optional)

What to Expect:

Clarity. Enjoyment. Expansion.

This 4 LESSON online self-guided course is easy to use and designed for those leading busy lives.

Lessons are easily completed within 30 minutes and the learning is meant to be joyfully and flexibly integrated into your daily/weekly life as you define what works best for your unique self-care practice.

You also receive: 

30 Minute Personalized Coaching Session on Zoom with course creator and counsellor, Nicolle Nattress.  This personalized coaching session will offer you focused support and inspiration for your own unique self-care journey.   offered via Zoom to offer individual support, exercises and guidance.

How to get started:

Proceed to Lesson One where you will discover the impact of connecting with yourself through journaling.  You will also learn the benefits of journaling for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Suggestion: start a binder or a folder for this course, plus have a designated journal for the writing you will do. There are beautiful worksheets that you might want to print (yes, Nicolle?)  and collect together throughout the course.

Enjoy this Creative Journaling for Self-Care Journey!

I am so glad you are here, Nicolle

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This Creative Journaling course invites you to join a nurturing online environment and the space without pressure to focus on listening, self-care and discovery of your own best Creative Self-Care practice.

About Nicolle Nattress
Inspiring, fun & easy to use (no writing experience required), this course is led by Nicolle Nattrass, an avid journaler, a playwright (Playwrights Guild of Canada), co-founder and Creativity Coach of Live Your Best Story retreat and a CAC II, Certified Addiction Counselor. A culmination of her expertise in writing, counseling and creativity, she has dedicated herself to helping others as she believes that –“Whenever we take the time to journal and tune into our life story…courage, vulnerability and change are naturally engaged which fuels forward movement in our lives.”



COURSE OUTLINE & OVERVIEW:  Nicolle – I would like to strip this out and make it a one page pdf that is the course overview – as a checklist so they can tick the box as they complete each lesson and topic/worksheet.  This is one way to make the course interactive.  

In this session you will have the opportunity to:
-Discover the impact of connecting to self through journaling, review the benefits of journaling for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.
-Learn or review, self-care writing prompt.
-Work with your journal, personalize it (make it your own) with your own accents.
-Link to PowHertalks on the Power of Journaling.
Worksheets, Resources & Tools Lesson 1:
Your Creative Journal Part 1
Your Creative Journal Part 2
Journal Writing is Tuning into Your Story
Health Benefits of Journaling
How does Writing Affect Your Brain
Weekly Self-care weekly check list

In this session you will have the opportunity to:
– Investigate, get a taste of the world of research that is being done in regards to Journaling.
– Expand knowledge of journaling through use of practical new tools, timed writings.
– Examine the concept of the Characteristics of creative people, identify creative myths and connect to Affirmations & Touchstones for your own Self-Care.
– Suggested Action for the week.
Workbook, Resources & Tools Lesson 2:
Characteristics of Creative People
Creative Myths
Writing Tools Part One,
The Power of Words article
Weekly Self-care Check list

In this session you will have the opportunity:
– Reflect on progress, discoveries & identify any challenges or “critics” arising from “journal” exploration.
– Receive support & gentle encouragement to increase time with journal through Morning Pages exploration & further “feast” of suggestions on possible applications for journal use.
– Explore Weekly Gratitude writing exercise.
– Suggested Action/ Creativity challenge for the week.
Workbook, Resources & Tools Lesson 3:
Journal as Powerful Healing Tool
Everyone’s got a Critic
What If
Courage Writing Prompts
List of Self-Care Activities
Weekly Self-Care check list
In this session you will have the opportunity to:
– Acquire a greater understanding of the benefits of using journaling to reduce stress.
– Use new writing prompts to help you uncover, discover and recover interests, hopes and goals to fuel your self-care.
– Celebrate and identify your strengths.
– Additional resources, links shared and creativity challenges.
Workbook, Resources & Tools Lesson 4:
Journal Writing Tools Part 2
Self Care & Creativity together
Interest Writing Prompts
Celebrating Strengths
Summary of Benefits
Workshop Resources
Weekly Self-care Checklist
Take this course and be inspired to become a Champion for your own Self-Care!

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