Are you ever curious about what other people are reading?

One of the things that makes the International Association for Journal Writing special and unique is the presence of our Journal Council.  We are a group of 22 authors and experts in the journal writing, expressive writing, therapeutic journaling and creative writing fields respectively. We meet a few times a year to be inspired, share our work, and develop our community of practice together within our Journal Council Connections gatherings.

We met in June and during this time shared some of the books we recently read, something that inspired us during this Covid time.  Here are the books a few Journal Council members mentioned and they make a great list of suggested reading for summer (or winter, depending where you live in the world!)… some are books that Council members are contributing authors in.

Sheila Bender:
Writing the Novella by Sharon Aord Warner (University of New Mexico Press)

Lucia Capacchione:
The Heart Aroused by David Whyte (Currency)

Leia Francisco:
Journal Therapy for Overcoming Burnout Vol 2 by Kathleen Adams (Sterling due January 2022)

John Evans:
Written Exposure Therapy for PTSD by Denise M. Sloane & Brian P. Marx (American Psychological Association)

Susan Borkin:
The Journal Keeper: A Memoir by Phyllis Theroux (Grove Press)

Merle Saferstein:
The Forever Letter: Writing What We Believe for Those We Love by Elana Zaiman (Llewellyn)

Judy Reeves:
A Story Larger than My Own by Janet Burrows (University of Chicago Press)

Mary Ann Moore:
Big Reader: Essays by Susan Olding (Freehand Books)

Lynda Monk:
Rough Diamond: The Story of My Adoption by Thea Khama (Light Network)

From our book shelves to yours, we wish you happy reading and happy journaling in July!

Feel welcome to let us know what you are reading at the moment, or a favourite book you would recommend, in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you!