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What to Write in a Journal?

This Article Covers: Why to journal? Different Types of Journal What to write about? Getting Started with Journaling Creating a Journal Writing Ritual How to Journal – What To Write? How Often Should I Write in my Journal? Do You Need to Write Regularly in a Journal? How To Journal Consistently –  Creating the ... Read More >>

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Earth Day Journaling

Earth Day Journaling by Lynda Monk, Director, IAJW.org   May the Earth support you to ground into the beauty and nature of who you really are.   May you give to her, our Great Mother, your very best and allow her to share her gifts with you.   Soar, spread your wings. Rest, feel your ... Read More >>

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Year End Journaling Prompts

There is wisdom and well-being that is cultivated through the act of regular self-reflection.  The end of one year and the cusp of a new one is an especially potent time for self-reflection through journaling. This week I have been spending time each morning with a cup of coffee, my journal, flickering candles and the ... Read More >>

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