Earth Day Journaling by Lynda Monk, Director,


May the Earth support you to ground

into the beauty and nature of who you

really are.


May you give to her, our Great Mother,

your very best

and allow her to

share her gifts with you.


Soar, spread your wings.

Rest, feel your roots.

Sing, express your soul song.

Walk, feel your body

move over the Earth,

making contact with each step.

Swim, allow the waters of

our world to hold you



Dance around a fire,

let your inner flame



Breathe deeply.

Inhale the breath of the trees,

exhale your own

life force energy.

Feel your breath

breathing you.


Let the pulse of the Earth

touch your own heart,

to beat as one.


Earth Day Journaling Invitation:  Please feel welcome to share your own Earth Day Journaling excerpt or musings or hopes for our planet in the comments below.  Thank you.