Not Getting Our Emails

If you are not receiving emails from us, your email provider may be moving them somewhere else. This applies to receipts from us as well as your Journaling Museletter and the free  7 Servings of Journal Juice email series, if you signed up for it. TIP: Most email services have a Search function. Try searching ... Read More >>

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What are the terms and conditions for using products sold on our website?

Please see our Terms & Conditions at We have created a variety of online products to offer you inspiration and ideas regarding how to use journal writing for personal growth, self-expression, self-care, creativity, improved emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health. These products combine techniques and inspiration from the coaching, therapeutic, creative and journal writing fields ... Read More >>

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What is the IAJW?

The IAJW is the International Association for Journal Writing.  We offer inspiring online courses, transformational journaling tools, free resources and an engaging membership community for journal writers worldwide. The IAJW exists to inspire creative and healthy living through journaling, life writing and storytelling.

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