Sometimes I write by Ahava Shira

Although I am a consistent writer, writing in my journal several times a week and on my laptop several more, my writing is not always consistent.

This doesn’t mean that I am not doing the writing right.
it just means that I am being true to the way the words are coming out at that moment.

Sometimes I write about situations or relationships in my life that are troubling me.
Sometimes I write about activities or practices that bring me joy.

Sometimes all I need is one word or a phrase at the start of the page to ignite my creative fire and off I go, on a wild, uncertain journey into the imagination.

Sometimes I start writing about something serious and then head off into humour and playfulness.

Sometimes it’s a memory that leads me onward, whether triggered by a thought or emotion, a conversation with family or looking at the photo of a dear friend.

Sometimes my reason for writing is as simple as wanting to celebrate the beauty I see on my walk along Roland Road or in the forest or on the beach.

Sometimes there is a longer term issue that keeps asking for my attention and reflection on the page.

Sometimes writing about the hard stuff is easy.
Sometimes writing about the loveliness is hard.

Your Turn: Sometimes I Write …

Please share your response to this simple journaling prompt:

Sometimes I write….

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Thanks. Your words matter! 

Let me fall if I must. The one I will become will catch me.
~ Baal Shem Tov

Guest Author 

Ahava Shira, PhD is a long-time journal writer, published poet, memoirist and midwife of the creative process whose passion is helping writers develop the courage and confidence to tell their stories and share them with others. Co-author of Writing Alone Together: Journalling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion & Connection, Ahava has helped a diversity of writers express themselves freely and deeply with words including middle and high school students, midlife and retiring women, clients in a mental health drop-in centre and people with chronic illness. To learn more about her current online programs, including the nourishing month-long Immerse Yourself happening in March, visit her website at and be sure to sign up for her newsletter so you can receive a free copy of Writing Yourself Through Change, a 7-module transformational writing journey with prompts and practices for gracefully navigating life’s bumps and curves.