I am thrilled to acknowledge Lyn Smith as the recipient of our first
IAJW Honorary Lifetime Member Award!

There are many of sources of inspiration within the IAJW.  It is a community where inspiration flows!  For me, one of my greatest sources of inspiration is our members. I love connecting with our members in various ways including within our monthly member events.

There is one member, Lyn Smith, who joined during the early days of the new/relaunched IAJW back in 2018. She has been a true source of support and inspiration to me year-after-year over the past 5 years.  I wanted to do something special to acknowledge and thank Lyn as part of our IAJW Anniversary celebration and so the first IAJW Honorary Lifetime Member Award has been created!

I am thrilled to acknowledge Lyn Smith as the recipient of our first IAJW Honorary Lifetime Member Award!

About Lyn Smith

Lyn lives in Tasmania, Australia with her wonderful son and caregiver, Gregg and their dog, Patch. She is a journal keeper and currently writing a memoir.

Lyn rarely misses a member event. She has got up in the middle of the night her time to join Writing Alone Together Circles and ZoomChats. She has taken courses, bought many products, and has taken full advantage of her member benefits.

Lyn has poured so much love and care and positive energy into our journaling community.  She has been a true source of inspiration to me.  When I sit down to work at my desk and do all that is involved with serving and growing our global journaling community, Lyn often comes to my mind and heart.  Knowing the difference the IAJW has made in her life, is like the wind beneath my wings.  Lyn’s story and presence makes me want to do the very best I can do, be the very best I can be as the leader of the IAJW.

Once again, I am thrilled to acknowledge Lyn Smith as the recipient of our first IAJW Honourary Lifetime Member Award!

Lyn receives a free IAJW membership for life, a gift pack that is soon to be sent from Canada to Australia (it’s coming Lyn!), and complimentary access to all IAJW events that I personally host that she would like to attend on the path ahead. Congratulations, Lyn! Thank YOU for making a difference with your presence, sharing, caring  and journaling!

You can learn more about Lyn in her past IAJW Member Spotlight Interview that was shared in October 2018 >>

Recently, Lyn and I both took Sandra Marinella’s wonderful new course offered in the IAJW, called The Story You Need to Tell.  There was a letter writing activity in this course and to my surprise and delight, Lyn wrote a letter to me and I was deeply touched to read what the IAJW has meant to Lyn.  With her permission, I am sharing this letter she wrote below; in part, because this letter is, in many ways, to our entire IAJW community and not just to me…

Letter from Lyn…

Dear Lynda

When I came across the IAJW almost 5 years ago, I was lost deep in the pain of trauma, but desperately looking for an avenue that would show me how to put my life back together.

You and the fellow members welcomed me so warmly, embracing me like an old friend, and I knew I had found a special place, safe and comfortable.

Here I was not judged, humiliated or criticised. I was gently guided to a place of healing through writing. The opportunities that arose through classes, workshops, courses, book referrals [you still remain my greatest book enabler] all led me to understand myself, my past, and find the tools I needed to bring clarity and purpose to my days.

Having access to the amazing Council members shared knowledge, along with the gentle, loving and compassionate guidance of yourself, helped me to hone my skills as a writer, and eventually led me to even feel proud and confident enough to call myself a writer. Some Council members especially Sandra, Merle, Judy and Mark, have become trusted mentors and guides.

The friendship that has developed between you and I over those years has made me feel valued and respected as both a person and a friend. I treasure our friendship deeply and have the utmost gratitude to you for helping me find myself again through my writing.

Through the IAJW I met a couple of women who have become my closest and dearest friends, partners in crime, who love reading, writing and buying books as much as I do – who’d have thought?  I have never had friends of this calibre in my life, Lynda.  I will be forever grateful that on the day I clicked IAJW to find out what it was all about, I also found a community that would change my life in such a profound way.

With much love and thanks

Please join me in congratulating Lyn Smith on becoming the first Honorary Lifetime IAJW Member!  Please leave a comment below… thank you for all the ways we are co-creating a caring and creative journaling community together.