Meet Lyn Smith, IAJW Member from Tasmania, Australia

Lyn Smith is one of the original members in the IAJW and has been part of our global journaling community for over 7 years. Lyn regularly participates in our monthly member events including our Writing Alone Together Circles and our inspiring ZoomChat Guest Interviews.

Lyn has also taken many of our IAJW course offerings, as well as purchased lots of things from our journaling store. Thank you, Lyn!

She was honoured with our Lifetime IAJW Member Award and you can read more about her story here >>

I recently had a conversation with Lyn about her experiences as a member with us and she shared some of the benefits she has experienced and also how her life has changed being part of our community.

I would like to say, that my life has also changed meeting Lyn. Her courage, smile, a warm presence in our journaling group, as well as my email inbox and mailbox (she sends cards through the mail to our family, which always touch my heart) offer an ongoing message of love, friendship and support all born from our shared journaling experiences together.

Click on the video below to hear my interview/conversation with Lyn (you will also meet my dear dog, Sadie in the video :) …

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