The Experience of a Journal Writing Group

Journaling is something I’ve done since I was a young teenager.

It was only in mid-2019, however, that I started searching online rather intentionally for a like-minded community to join. As some of my interests (like niche socio-politics) fall within a highly charged territory, I instinctively gravitated towards communities that could offer a space for me to relax while meeting people with similar interests.

As soon as I got to the IAJW website, it felt like I had landed at the right place!

The IAJW monthly circle where members “write alone together” was one of the main reasons I decided to join as a member. I participated in the writing circle held in early June — it certainly won’t be the last time that I show up.

Here are some of the unique benefits of the IAJW monthly circle.

It’s ​Relaxing

When you switch on the TV, it can sometimes seem like there’s nothing but negative drama going on in the world outside. I greatly appreciated the calm focus of the writing group hosted by IAJW Director, Lynda Monk, who has a warm and gentle yet engaging style of leadership.

It’s relaxing because there’s no judgement of who you are, where you’re from, or your writing style. Writing critique groups can be very helpful for some writers, but the IAJW circle is not this type of writing group.

It’s Inspiring

None of the participants needed to verbally profess or gush about their love for journaling. There was a quiet strength in terms of the group’s shared respect and appreciation of journaling. To see and be part of a group that spans various countries and age groups is not something you can easily come across on a daily basis.

I loved the sense of connection within the group, and how everyone was given a chance to be listened to. There were 18 participants in the writer’s circle that I joined. Lynda skillfully managed the writing prompt so that the session could still be completed within an hour, without leaving anybody out.

It’s Consistent

In a world where there are constant distractions in the form of social media and electronic gadgets, it’s nice to allocate a specific amount of time each month for the sole purpose of
writing. The camaraderie and social support are what make the spirit of writing alone, together, distinct from the solitude often associated with this form of writing.

The IAJW writing circle is a special group for everyone who has an affinity for journaling. It will add to your life in more ways than one!

Guest Blogger:​ Jess Chua has been journaling since her tween years. She is a content writer for ​Optimal Living Daily​ podcast. Her portfolio can be viewed at ​Jess Virgo​. She is also a Member of the