We have our “Ask a Coach” Feature where you are welcome to send us any question you might have specific to journaling and life writing and we will offer an answer or suggestions for you!

Question from Amy, IAJW Member:

I find with the COVID-19 pandemic, and having an underlying persistent pain issue for which I must take a biologic drug, that I’m more tired from the stress of it all and the extra concerns.  Also, the changes in work, finances, family being seriously ill (some aging related, some other illnesses, some COVID,) in another state and the inability to travel there easily – is all draining.   Is there a good writing prompt that will help me unpack my serious exhaustion with this that you can think of?  

Answer from Coach, Joyce Chapman, Author of Journaling for Joy and other great books!

1. WRITE A LETTER to “someone” and tell them, in as much detail as you can, exactly what is bothering you.  Let a day go by and then pretend that you just got this letter in the mail. Read the letter and write and write a response to it.  Tell this person exactly what they can do about all of this…BE THE EXPERT.

2.  HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH AN EXPERT ABOUT ALL “THIS” (this exercise is taken from my Journaling for Joy book)

Conversing With Another Person. Another important and enlightening form of dialogue and com­munication with oneself is creating a conversation with another per­son. These dialogues can lead to resolving an inner conflict or sense of unease over a recent or longstanding difficulty. They can help you get a better grasp of your own position while gaining insights into some­one else’s point of view. Conversations can be especially useful when you need advice or guidance from an expert or mentor, and when you need someone to serve as a model for the type of achievement or suc­cess to which you aspire. They can aid you in appreciating the value of a past or present relationship. A conversation can also help prepare you for an upcoming encounter in which you want to be your best.

Thank you, Joyce – for sharing your wisdom and great writing exercises!

Please note, for other resources to support you during this COVID pandemic, you can find free interviews and journaling tools – click here!


Joyce Chapman, MA, is a Dream Coach and author of many books.  She is also a member of our IAJW Journal Council and creator of the Live Your Dream course.