A question that comes up for me is that I need privacy to write freely. Of course the computer resolves this but I do want to write in a physical journal. Might you have any ideas around this? Jan

Answer provided by our coach, Joyce Chapman:

This is, without a doubt, one of the biggest concerns many people have. So, you are not alone, for sure!

When I first started journaling I kept my journal in a locked drawer. So if this is a concern, do make sure you do keep your “physical journal” in a very safe place.

I also recommend writing something like: “Please do not read this journal without my permission! Thank You! “ on the first page.

I also told my family members that I wanted, and needed to know, that they would all honor my privacy and never read any of my journals without my permission. Fortunately they all agreed!

Please feel free to ask me more about your concerns or any new questions you might have, as you embrace this wonderful habit of keeping a journal!   In Joy, Joyce Chapman


Joyce Chapman is a pioneer in the journal writing field.  She is a member of our IAJW Journal Council and the author of many books on journaling, including her very successful Journaling for Joy book and workbook.