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Many journal writers are also interested in writing memoir.  We can use our journals to help inform memoir projects.  Life writing can be private in our journals and it can also be shared with others through memoir, personal essay and other creative forms.

Fast Fiction in Action: My Experience of Writing the First Draft of a Novel with Denise Jaden

When I first read Denise Jaden's book Fast Fiction: A Guide to Outlining and Writing a First-Draft Novel in Thirty Days (her ideas can be used for writing memoir and creative non-fiction too!) and then interviewed her for an IAJW telechat (you can find this recording in the Audio Library, Member Only Area), I was fascinated ... Read More >>

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Writing Your Family Memoir: How to Begin by Barbara Graham

Writing your family memoir is like dusting for fingerprints. You leave behind almost invisible fingerprints when you touch anything--refrigerator door handles, light switches, drinking glasses. Detectives know how to carefully coat these unseen marks with a fine powder and then use a camel hair brush to gently remove the excess powder so the fingerprints appear. ... Read More >>

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Start with Journal Fragments: How to Write Creative Non-fiction by Ruth Folit

Creative non-fiction, which includes personal essays and memoir, is a relatively new writing genre that is sweeping the writing world. In creative non-fiction, readers learn via a story narrative, rather than through the expository writing style that you might find in a textbook. Personal essays and memoir are tethered to the facts of your life. ... Read More >>

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