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Journaling for Personal Healing with Nanci Reed

Journaling for Personal Healing with Nanci Reed In this interview, Nanci Reed will share her story of how she used – and still uses – her journal to help invite transformational self-healing on every level and how it supports her journey to gently overcome perfectionism and imposter syndrome. She will share the journaling techniques she’s ... Read More >>

2024-05-22T13:46:54-07:00May 22nd, 2024|

Journaling for Greater Happiness with Dan Garbati

Interview with Dan Garbati In this interview, Dan Garbati, author of Happiness Comes in Threes: Guided Journaling to a Life of Health, Love, and Purpose, delves into the art and science of journaling as a pathway to a fulfilling life. Learn how guided journaling can help you rewrite your life story, overcome personal obstacles, and ... Read More >>

2024-05-22T14:02:30-07:00April 5th, 2024|

When Your Heart Says Go, Follow Its Lead with Judy Reeves

Interview with Judy Reeves In this interview, Judy shares her story of how her journal served as her primary companion during her seven-month, solo journey around-the-world, and how the journals contributed to the writing of her memoir. She shares how she made choices concerning the use of the original writing, what she left out, and ... Read More >>

2024-05-22T14:01:18-07:00April 3rd, 2024|

How Journaling Can Help Us Be Kind to Ourselves with Emma-Louise Elsey

Interview with Emma-Louise Elsey Together with Emma-Louise we’ll explore why self-kindness is so important—and challenging to implement! And through journaling together we’ll explore the what, why, when and how of self-kindness and wrap-up with a 4 step process you can use to be kind to yourself—any time. Bring your journals and pens! During this interview, ... Read More >>

2024-05-22T13:59:35-07:00February 3rd, 2024|

Legacy Journaling with Merle Saferstein

About this Interview What might you do with journals you’ve written and compiled over many years? Merle Saferstein suggests taking what you’ve learned and experienced, culling excerpts, and sharing them in a legacy journal. Merle talks about the process of writing Living and Leaving My Legacy, Vols. l and ll and how going through her ... Read More >>

2023-10-02T18:32:13-07:00October 2nd, 2023|

Write from the Body with Eva Weaver

Interview with Eva Weaver About this Interview: Writing from the Body – an embodied writing practice Our bodies hold stories and memories. Everything we have ever experienced, thought or felt lives in our blood, our bones, muscles, cells, our very DNA. So, how do we tap into this rich round for inspiration and authentic, original ... Read More >>

2023-08-28T17:08:13-07:00August 28th, 2023|

What I Learned Teaching Journaling to Inmates with Tina Welling

INTERVIEW WITH TINA WELLING While many of us have likely not been incarcerated (although perhaps that has been part of some people’s experiences or you might know someone who has been incarcerated), it’s Tina Welling’s experience that we are all likely to share similar qualities with those who have been. Anger, self-esteem, fear, forgiveness of ... Read More >>

2023-07-31T10:54:38-07:00July 31st, 2023|


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