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Part 3: Enigma Variations on Trivial Trialities by Timothy J Sullivan

Creative Journal Writing with Timothy Sullivan! Did you read part 1 and part 2 of this series already? If you are philosophically inclined, (who isn’t, really) a triad triviality may suggest a question, an enigma or existential conundrum you could explore, research, expound upon. I mean, we all have questions. Big ones and trivial ... Read More >>

Part 2: Diving Deeper into Word Triplex and Journal Practice by Timothy J Sullivan

Have you been collecting your own triplets? Did you see part 1 of this article? A metaphysical aside: In many cosmologies and theologies, there is the Law of Three, a three-element logic that drives all creation. This shows up in spiritual traditions as various representations of the Trinity. For example, you are likely familiar ... Read More >>


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