Live Your Dream: Discover What You Want & Celebrate It Happening!

Live Your Dream: Discover What You Want & Celebrate It Happening!

Each of us has a secret – or not so secret – desire. It’s a vision of what we would do if we faced no limits, or what we would accomplish if no obstacles stood in our way.  You will be guided to use personal writing to help you arrive at your own truths to discover your life purpose and claim your biggest dream.

This is a gently facilitated online course offering you 8 creative lessons designed by Dream-Life Coach, author and journal writing expert, Joyce Chapman.

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Live Your Dream: Discover What You Want & Celebrate It Happening!

This is a creative and inspiring course that will empower you to become the actualized dreamer you always wanted to be! 

Through this step-by-step course filled with creative assignments, Live Your Dream Coach, Joyce Chapman, M.A., dares you to define your biggest dream. As you create your dream and express yourself, you’ll discover practical ways to make room for your biggest dream in your life, develop a winning attitude, turn challenges into victories, and stretch and expand your life to its fullest potential.

By taking a close, objective look at yourself, you can explore what it really is that you want from life, what is important to you, what your talents, values, wishes, hopes and dreams are. As you live true to yourself and your dream, your radiance will energize everything around you, and your shift in thinking will empower yourself and others.

You can work at your own pace in this self-guided creative 8 lesson course.  You will receive innovative assignments, journaling exercises and coaching tips that will help you learn how to:

Lesson 1:  Defining the Dream
• Define and discover your life purpose

Lesson 2: Claiming Your Dream!
• Claim the biggest dream you want to commit to

Lesson 3: Clearing Your Mind To Clear Away Any Obstructions
• Reawaken the dreamer inside of you

Lesson 4: Freeing All Your Creative Energy!
• Learn how to learn from all your life experiences

Lesson 5: Taking Inventory & Taking Charge
• Design a step-by-step plan to achieve every dream step

Lesson 6: Designing the Life of Your Dreams!
• Start living true to your biggest dream

Lesson 7: Dare to Stretch & Expand
• Embrace all the possibilities

Lesson 8: Keeping Your Dream Alive
• Dare yourself to begin

This course is for you if you are ready to…

  • free your energy and be creative!
  • state the dream you are ready to claim.
  • commit to yourself.
  • step into your power.
  • live true to yourself.
  • declare this is the day, the month, the year to make your dreams real!

This course is especially for you if…

  • you want to take time for self-reflection about your dreams in a guided and creative way.
  • you enjoy journaling and self-discovery.
  • you feel a call to something more!

If you dream, you might as well dream big!

Joyce Chapman

Joyce Chapman

Joyce Chapman is a leading expert in the field of journal keeping and has been involved for over 50 years in education, motivational training, consulting, and coaching for individuals and businesses internationally. She is passionate about journaling and has spent her life as a teacher, coach and facilitator helping others actualize their dreams using her step-by-step journaling techniques. Her work focuses on enabling people to tap into their inner knowing and live true to their ultimate potential. Those who have experienced Joyce’s speaking engagements and seminars have made incredible changes in their lives. Through the services of her consulting, coaching and speaking company, they have been awakened to a fuller, more joyful way of life.

Joyce enjoys working with large and small groups or on an individual basis. Her innovative topics and techniques leave people feeling that the deepest joy within their hearts has been touched and invited to come out and play – and stay. The lives of thousands have been enriched and changed through her workshops, presentations, home study programs, and personal coaching. Joyce is the author of the following books and their companion workbooks: Journaling For Joy, Journaling For Joy: The Workbook, Live Your Dream, The Live Your Dream Workbook, Celebrate Your Dream, Celebrate Your Dream: Workbook, Raising A Dreamer, and Notice: The Art of Observation, series. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and is well known in the field of Personal and Professional Coaching.

You can find find some of Joyce’s ebooks in our IAJW Journaling Store

Journaling for Joy Workbook by Joyce Chapman – a Journal Writing Product from the The International Association for Journal Writing (

Notice and Journal! by Joyce Chapman – a Journal Writing Product from the The International Association for Journal Writing (

Notice! The Art of Observation by Joyce Chapman – a Journal Writing Product from the The International Association for Journal Writing (

Her other books can be found here:

“Fifteen years ago, in a personal funk and a professional nightmare, I found Joyce Chapman’s JOURNALING FOR JOY.  Working through her material, on my own, I was able to pull myself up, refocus, and find a new path for myself and my career, with vivid plans for retirement.

Three years into retirement, however, I found myself comfortably ensconced in my own inertia. I knew I needed something–a blast of dynamite, a cattle prod–something to get me moving. I remembered how Joyce’s book had helped me to clarify my situation while motivating me to take the small steps necessary to change what I could.

I contacted her, and after an invigorating and hope-filled conversation, I applied for her LIVE YOUR DREAM self-study program. One year later, I am living my dream life, and my dreams are getting bigger and bigger.  I will apply for her CELEBRATE YOUR DREAM self-study program when I my first novel is finished.

Joyce’s work is practical and meaningful. Working with her, one on one, in the self-study program has been that stick of dynamite I needed to take action. I know she works with many different clients, but with every conversation, every email, every exchange through the US postal service, I felt as if I were her one concern, her highest concern. I know that Joyce is my friend for life, a friend who is my most ardent cheerleader.

Everything in Joyce Chapman’s books moves me to action. Her writing, her chapter checklists, and her journaling prompts COMPEL me to action. And Joyce’s personality, warm, smart, incisive, supports me as I make the changes in my life and my mindset that create my dream. Thank you, Joyce. I wish I could convey how grateful I am.” 

Marci Bowman


“Joyce Chapman is the rare combination of an amazing coach with grit and grace! She is a vessel of wisdom! Through her books, self-study and personalized coaching, Joyce will both challenge and inspire you to examine your current situation and implement tools to immediately upgrade your life. Every encounter with Joyce Chapman will take you significantly closer to living your dream!”

Briana R. Wyatt, MBA, RYT, Coach, Consultant, Speaker


"I would like to tell the world about Joyce Chapman! She changed my life through her powerful journaling process. Her process is different from any others that I had encountered and took me where I needed to go. She is a masterful writer and “Dream Coach.” Joyce intuitively gets to the heart of things with everyone she encounters I know many people who’s lives she has turned around. Joyce is a polished presenter, and because of her positive energy, vast knowledge, years of experience, and sense of humor, she connects immediately with any audience she works with. In addition, Joyce walks her talk and she’s lots of fun to be around!  In this crazy economic climate, we all need help getting to what is important and moving forward.”

Barbara Campbell, Seminar Leader, Mediator, author, and owner of Tesori Italian Pottery


"Have you ever tried to learn dance or art from someone who was a wonderful dancer or a beautiful artist? These “teachers” have a wonderful ability to create but perhaps no ability to teach. Joyce Chapman practices her art with a deep ability but also a gift of teaching. She has that rare ability to both practice and teach her art. The art of noticing. The art of awareness. The art of following dreams. Teachers like this come along very rarely, we are very blessed to have her. Journaling is the paintbrush of the beautiful masterpiece that is you.”

Cindy J.Sanger  Personal Wellness and Fitness Trainer/Yoga Instructor

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