Why I write, is to be with you
Listening deeply, in true

Why I write, connecting heart
Loving presence, self-care part

Why I write, unravelling from within
Tangled threads, fibres unpinned

Why I write, just to walk in hand
With self, through inner land

Why I write, to hear my soul
Divine whispers immensely whole

Why I write, shedding the old
Canvas creation stories told

Why I write, to ignite
Relaxation mind too tight

Why I write, seeing self through
Open page, coloured new

Why I write, beyond black and white
Clarity, aligned full sight

Why I write, imagination in lore
Art in form, expressions born

Why I write, coming to a page
Honouring inner sacred sage

Why I write, capturing express
Full best and inner unrest

Why I write, love be told
Whole heart gratitude unfolds

Why I write, to empty nest
Sticks, stones, feathers and pests

Why I write, to hear the song
Inner voice, hearts courage, brave and strong

Why I write, dreams, hopes and wishes
Thoughts filled with sweet kisses

Why I write, to feel within
Hearts beating, underneath skin

Why I write, flowering bloom
Succulent scented, rose swoon

Why I write, to see me through
Moments of time unclear non rhythm

Why I write, from the heart
Being with you, love mark

Why I write, bowing in grace
Namaste to a blank page,
Time and Space.
Pen in hand…


Guest Author:  Denise Simmons is a whole-hearted IAJW member, healer, and writer living in Nova Scotia, Canada.