This is a great example of creative journal writing!

Not Waiting by Martha Bonnie

Martha Bonnie is an IAJW Member and she recently wrote and read this powerful piece called Not Waiting.  I was deeply touched by her writing, this video and her reaching out to share it with me.

I asked her permission to share it here, with you.  Simply click the video above to watch and listen to Martha’s heart and wisdom through words.

Martha lives with a disability and this video is part of a larger collection of healing and creative work called No Body Left Behind through The Disability Collective.

Thank you, Martha – may writing continue to support you on the many paths you walk.

Author: Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Martha Bonnie and her family relocated to Arizona in the fall of 2021 to give her the best opportunity to live a full life after sustaining a traumatic brain injury two years prior. Arizona is famous for its blue skies and sunshine, and the climate has been great for healing her body and soul. Before her injury, Martha was a literacy coach working with students and teachers at a bilingual elementary school. She loved her job as an educator, but her favorite role has always been as a mother to her own two children. Martha writes poetry and narrative nonfiction about her experiences since her brain injury, including adventures hiking the endless trails of mountain wilderness near her home and finding beauty in the natural world. While speaking aloud doesn’t come easy to Martha, the words flow onto the page for her, letting her express her emotions and experiences. Martha is grateful for her continued ability to write, a passion since childhood.