Making Room for the Muse

We need not be afraid.
A thousand gifts will flood the void when we
loosen our grip
and let our hands fall open.

Too easily we fill our minds, our hearts, our homes, with
frantic chanting on TV, crowding
jumbo cans from warehouse stores onto
shelves squeezed tight and flustered.

But if we open our rooms,
makes some space between the
nagging items on our lists,
there she will be,
our essential
though elaborate friend, reminding us that
if we look beneath the ugly road, a
true, tangled meadow will reveal itself,
stem by stem,
bloom by bloom.

Then will come the goddesses who
whisper music, dream honey,
play a delicate shadow symphony, leaving us
moon drunk to fiddle in our sleep,
dancers leaping round and round.

The tasks are important.
Our chores,
keep our world in place.
Still, if we open up some space to
walk into our lives, buck naked,
love immensely what will leave us,
a thousand gifts will flood the void.

A thousand gifts will flood the void.

~ By Carolyn Koehnline


Author Bio:  This poem is from Carolyn Koehnline’s newly released book, Clearing Clutter as a Sacred Act; Essays, Poems, and Practices, which is available through your favorite bookstore or online outlets. An e-book version is also available. Carolyn Koehnline, LMHC, CJT is a psychotherapist, coach, certified journal therapist, author and artist. To order a signed copy or explore Carolyn’s other books and offerings visit

Carolyn was a recent guest on our IAJW Monthly Telechat, where she spoke to us about Clearing Clutter With Journaling.  This interview can be found in our Member Article Library.  Not an IAJW member, join now!