IAJW Annual Membership

IAJW Annual Membership

Become a member of the IAJW for creative inspiration, ideas and community to juice up your journal writing!  Get fresh ideas with our journaling prompts, courses, ebooks, tools, tips and more.  Join our live member-only monthly writing circles on Zoom and be inspired during our expert interviews on our interactive telechats.  Learn more about our unique member benefits below!  Connection fuels our creative self-expression.  Join the IAJW now to enrich both your journaling and life writing.

The IAJW inspires creative, expressive and healthy living through journaling!  




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$67.00 / year

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Membership Benefits

Membership has its advantages!

The International Association for Journal Writing will deepen and enrich your journaling experience and potentially change your life–whether you are a novice, casual, experienced, or dedicated journal writer. Within the members-only area, you’ll find inspiration, information, lively discussion, and interaction about all elements of journal writing.

Join now and learn…

  • how to write more deeply, authentically, and often
  • what to do when when you feel stuck and don’t know what to write
  • how to get out of a rut of writing about the same stuff over and over
  • how to write for emotional balance, or improving your health, or connecting to your spiritual side
  • how to turn journal articles into personal essays, poems and more polished pieces
  • how to enrich your life through journaling

“The IAJW classes are a wonderful resource for me. I live more than an hour from Seattle, and driving in to town to attend classes or writing groups just isn’t practical. The online format makes it possible for me to participate and connect with interesting people and new ideas.”– C.Landwehr, Enumclaw WA

For a membership fee of just $67.00 per year you will receive encouragement, new ideas, techniques, and tips about how to juice up your journaling, plus access to a community of like-minded journal writers.

Join now and you’ll have access to:

  • monthly virtual writing circles to help you go to the page and write
  • practical articles from journal writing experts in our member-only article library
  • live telechats every month with a different expert in the journal writing field
  • member-only audio library with inspiring interviews with creativity, journaling and life writing experts
  • over 60 journaling and life writing tips from our Journal Council experts
  • submit your questions to “Ask Our Coach” and have the answer featured on our blog
  • 20% discount for all IAJW classes, audio programs, online courses, e-books, coaching programs and transformational journal writing tools
  • and MORE!

Join NOW and receive immediate access to everything you need for keeping a journal that brings depth, improvement, and change. All the content is available exclusively over the Internet.  More information is added often.  Providing you with fresh ideas for journal and life writing is our mission!

Be inspired. Write. Learn. Connect. Create. Grow.   


Member Area

"Lynda, you do such a great job interviewing folks!!!  I love your style, energy and presence!!!"  Louise Mathewson, IAJW Member

"I watched and participated in the last writer's circle and the first prompt led to the second one and I started writing about my life with ADHD - I have a hunch my memoir will be a collection of essays and this might be one of them.  I am grateful this has started up again - all set for the next one." - Carol Longenecker Hiestand, IAJW Member

"Thank you very much for hosting Pat Schneider for an hour of delight and insight. Very inspirational. Listening to Pat was inspirational, not because of her past and where she came from, which is amazing, but her youth and vitality that bubbles within her. Her absolute passion [is] to communicate through writing." -Richard Bliss

 "Wonderful Ruth!  Thank you so very much!  There is so much wealth here!" -Kay Whitehead

 "I have been a member from the beginning. The ongoing journal groups I facilitate look forward to the wonderful exercises I share from the wide range of stimulating articles IAJW offers. IAJW is a wonderful resource for me and I am most grateful to be a part of this community."- Joan Leof

"I have been enjoying these journal juice mailings very much!" - M.Bryant

 "Thank you again for sharing your journaling wisdom and depth of knowledge on the subject in a warm and inviting manner.  I appreciate you for being a gracious teacher and look forward to revisiting the call recordings on future walks to keep me inspired to journal more." - Lesley S.

 "I have very real insecurities about my writing, so much so that it is often difficult for me to write from a prompt. But today's experience was so freeing and inspiring that despite some initial intimidation - which I expected to feel - that I was happily able to write, share (gasp!!), and be inspired by the writings that poured out of everyone. You can be sure I'll be joining the next practice session. Cheers to both you and Judy Reeves for bringing this class experience to all of us who long to write." - Joanne Ross 

“I found the IAJW in my online adventures while looking for somewhere to learn more about journaling. What I found was an invaluable, nurturing, exciting place where I could take classes, order some of the best books about memoir writing and the personal essay, listen to amazing writers and teachers talking about their craft. Now, I am embarking on writing my memoir, a journey of a lifetime. I doubt that I would have been ready without becoming a member of the IAJW. And, I doubt whether I would have been able to call myself a writer without all the support and instruction that I’ve received from the IAJW.” –Karin Goldberg, IAJW member


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$67.00 / year