Writing Through the Wisdom of Trees

Writing Through the Wisdom of Trees

Writing Through The Wisdom Of Trees by Jackee Holder is inspired by the rich metaphoric narratives embodied in tree mythology and the nature of human relationships with trees.

In this self-guided, 7 lesson course, that you can enjoy at your own pace… you will discover how to use nature prompts to gain greater insight and awareness into who you are.

Through Jackee Holder’s creative Tree Essays and teachings, you will be introduced to the metaphors and teachings of 5 types of trees including the Oak, Tamarind, Baobab, Beech and Apple trees.  The Inner Nature Writing Prompts included throughout this course are sure to inspire you, your writing and your meaningful relationship with the trees and nature in your life.

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Writing Through the Wisdom of Trees by Jackee Holder

Drawing on the rich metaphorical landscape of earth’s wisdom and nature, this course will connect you to the ecological, therapeutic and botanical benefits of trees through exploring personal tree narratives. Discover the many hidden social, cultural and historical archives of trees past and present through guided journaling and creative memoir writing.

Is this course for you?

  • Are you feeling sluggish? A bit stuck?
  • Need to shake up your energy?
  • Are you in need of some new perspectives for your  journal writing and ways of connecting with yourself?
  • Are you seeking ways to creatively connect more with nature? Get outside?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this course is especially for you!

Writing Through The Wisdom Of Trees is inspired by the rich metaphoric narratives embodied in tree mythology and the nature of human relationships with trees. Discover how to use nature prompts to gain greater insight and awareness into who you are. It makes sense that if spending time in nature, woods or forests or even looking at a view of a collection of trees can reduce stress and carries a host of health benefits, then it is likely we can transfer these benefits to when we are writing about and thinking about our relationships, with ourselves, trees, nature and the wider world.

We are more tree than we could ever imagine. Trees breathe in the carbon dioxide in the air we breathe out and transform it into the vital oxygen we humans need to breathe in. We need trees. Trees can survive without us but we on the other hand cannot survive without them.

Course Outline

Whether you are a nature lover or not, this self guided course offers writing prompts that will guide you towards more meaningful insights and deeper personal reflection. Once you have completed the Prepare section, each lesson (which you can do weekly or at your own desired pace) opens with a new tree, five in total.  Lastly, the Ending and Reflections section offers a final place to record your reflective prose.

There is a flow and accumulated benefit if you follow the lessons sequentially.  Each lesson includes a related essay followed by a collection of nature themed journal prompts. This course will remind you that wherever you unearth a memory from your past, in your writing or your thoughts, a tree will be there somewhere in the background marking the moment quietly and silently.

The essays and prompts offer a reflective place for personal contemplation in your journal or whilst out walking in nature, drawing on the strong metaphors and stories associated with nature and trees. The writing prompts and suggested exercises have been crafted to explore the worlds of both your outer and inner nature. The five lessons will explore the Oak, Tamarind, Baobab, Beech and Apple trees.

This is a self-study course and does not have a specific start date. You have immediate access to the course at the time of purchase.

What to expect during Writing Through the Wisdom of Trees:  While you have access to the entire course immediately, it is recommended you take your time to work through Prepare, then five lessons and then Endings and Reflections, savouring them as if you were out walking in a green space or the woods or the forest. You will know what pace is right for you. Our suggestion is you work with one essay for one week eventually working your way through the five essays.

What will you learn : Offering a more nature-focused source for your inner exploration, this course offers you ways to access a deeper connectedness that seems wanting in the world today.

Learn to reconnect with earlier and current relationships with nature, drawing on your past interactions with nature even if it feels like there is very little to write about.

Be inspired through the essay and journal prompts to discover how you can personally expand your relationship with nature going forward so you can reap from the many benefits nature offers writers creatively, psychologically and physically. This course will strengthen and naturally grow your emotional and physical health and well being.

This course is for you if you are…

  • longing to start or deepen your journal writing.
  • wishing to explore your intuition, tap into your inspiration, and spark your creativity.
  • seeking new ways into your own process; be it creativity, tuning into your inner voice, or curiosity about who you are!

Writing Through the Wisdom of Trees will offer you a unique guide to invite the natural world into your writing, while inviting you into the natural world.

What you will need: Your curiosity and a notebook/journal to travel with you, literally and metaphorically during this course.  To write on paper offers a visceral connection to your writing, and nature, that may be lost in our digital world.

“(Trees) … watch over us, hold our stories and as you will discover even our secrets.”   Jackee Holder


About Jackee Holder, Course Author

Jackee Holder is a Londoner by birth and residence. She enjoys exploring the urban landscapes and green spaces of the urban city she fondly calls home. A regular walker she writes and teaches about the restorative benefits of walking and writing. Jackee appreciates the diverse forest of street trees that inhabit the city which became the world’s first national park city in 2019 hosting an impressive forty-seven percent green space. The diversity of the population of the city of London is mirrored across London through its rich tree heritage. I like to take the trees I know and love into my writing as they help me tell and shape the stories of my life.

Jackee is a long-time journal writer and hard wired reflective practitioner who enjoys engaging creatively and intuitively with outer and inner landscapes. Jackee is the author of four non-fiction titles including the illustrated Writing With Fabulous Trees – a writing map for parks, gardens and other green spaces and 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing & Personal Development and Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) in Psychosynthesis Counselling. She works as a professional business coach and leadership trainer. Jackee is delighted to be an IAJW Council Member.


Jackee Holder

Jackee Holder

Jackee has been an advocate and champion of journal writing for over thirty years. From her early origins of journal writing as a young woman, her journal writing has developed into a practice that supports her emotional, creative and psychological well-being. Jackee incorporates writing for well-being in her personal life as well as in her work as a coach and coach supervisor and in facilitation of creative writing workshops and retreats. She is the founder of Paper Therapy, an online creative journal writing class. Jackee champions the art of reflection as a tool for transformation and growth for individuals and organizations. Jackee enjoys reading fiction and non-fiction books as well as writing and research around writing wellness. She is excited about her new role in working with the board to share the many therapeutic benefits of journal writing with a wider audience worldwide.

Jackee loves writing and is the author of Soul Purpose, Be Your Best Life Coach, 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well(2013), The Journal Journey Guidebook(2014) and 52 Quotes To Inspire Your Inner Writer(2015), Writing With Fabulous Trees Writing Map (2016), and has been a contributing writer to several books and articles. Her work has been featured in Psychologies and Red Magazines and she was part of the successful Twinings Tea Take Ten campaign (2011) in partnership with Red and Psychologies magazines.

Jackee writes almost every day and is a prolific journal writer. When Jackee is not delivering coaching in businesses or organisations, she’s busy running courses and retreats, teaching her online journal writing course, Paper Therapy, and writing e-books for writers and creative entrepreneurs. She supports writers in one-to-one coaching and mentoring.

Jackee’s skill as a conference host and workshop facilitator has taken her across the globe. She’s delivered workshops and retreats in several US locations and the Caribbean and was a presenter at the Emerging Women conference in October 2015 in San Francisco. She’s co-chaired a number of the Spirit Of Coaching events including Whitmore at the Brahma Kumaris in London and Oxford, and can be booked as a facilitative host or keynote speaker for your events, conferences and seminars.

When Jackee is not engaged in her corporate and public work, she loves curling up and reading a good non-fiction book or getting lost in a feel-good movie. When she has time, she loves to get out into nature, walking, admiring the trees and feeling the wind on her face. She loves libraries and bookshops and learning the odd poem or two by heart .

Jackee loves training coaches and offering one-on-one and team coaching. She really enjoys her work supporting writers and creative entrepreneurs.

"Jackee Holder was my coach whilst I was writing my book, Nature's Way, published January 2020. Without Jackee's input I don’t think I would have made it  to publication. The road of a writer is mainly solitary and it is all too easy to fall prey to the inner critic and other distractions. Jackee's support meant that I had to re-examine my value proposition, settle into the creativity I knew I had but so easily drifted away from. She helped me focus on meaningful and chunky goals that took me from stage 1 of 'can I do this?’ to getting ready to publish and beyond. Always supportive, impeccable with her words, she enabled me to define, refine and stay in integrity with my own process in a very meaningful way. This amazingly talented  woman helps others find their voice on the page. And I am very fortunate to have had her guidance along my creative journey."

Karyn Prentice, Author of Nature's Way: Designing the life you want you through the lens of nature and the five seasons.

"I have been walking quietly into the woods with Jackee for several years now. She has accompanied me as I’ve discovered my writing voice, sitting quietly with me, gently nudging me to trust my own writing process and to let the words flow. She is patient and insistent at the same time. She resists my excuses and my self judgments and signals to my creative soul that she is welcome. She is both nurturing and shaping. She shares her own writing insights and experiences and offers support, challenge, notepads, luggage tags and allsorts of tools, metaphorical and practical to support the writing process. Thanks to Jackee, I publish a monthly newsletter and have enough material for my first book. Daily writing is an embedded practice and I am daring to be visible through my work because she is by my side. Her appreciation, understanding and knowledge about trees and nature serve to firmly root her and whoever works with her in the context of the natural world which is a source of flowing wisdom and inspiration. She will change your life."

Sandra Hilton, Psychotherapist and Coach, Author of the Soul Notes Newsletter


"Employing Jackee Holder to coach my writing practice changed my perspective on myself and my writing. Until then I would never have had the audacity to call myself a writer, but with her nurturing and support I have since published several pieces of my writing and put the title of “writer” in my biography professionally. Her style is direct, challenging and encouraging. I can honestly say that hiring her to be my coach is one of the best personal development steps I have taken for my personal as well as professional life."

Deena Gornick, Executive Coach, Deena Gornick Executive Coaching Ltd.


"Jackee Holder’s work on gaining an inner view through engaging with the outer world is thought provoking, engaging and enlightening. She illuminates the knowledge, that is around us, and introduces us to what we didn’t know we needed most. Her many years of research, expertise and constant curiosity keeps us coming back for more."

Jenny Garrett, Career Coach and Personal Development Coach and Founder of The Happinesta Project


"Your online course Paper Therapy  - I loved it and found it helpful and powerful!"

Carole Osterwell, Leadership Coach


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