Creative Journaling for Self-Care

Creative Journaling for Self-Care

NEW COURSE COMING September 2019

Nicolle Nattrass became a Champion for helping those with their self-care due to her own demanding careers, Professional Actor/Keynote and Addiction Counselor, this led her to deeply value and practise creative self-care through journaling.

Self-care is the fuel that moves us forward in our personal and professional lives.

Do you feel like you have limited time and yet would benefit from more time for ease, clarity and fuel for your daily life?

Self-care is the fuel that moves us forward in our personal and professional lives.
It doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming or expensive.

This journaling course is designed for you, to develop new tools to tune in to your truth, find clarity, enjoyment and beauty in your own self-care practise. Using journaling to develop and define your unique self-care practice to fuel you forward on a day to day basis.

Creative Journaling for self-care is self-guided, structured in a 4 Lesson format designed to improve self-care offering: easy to follow lessons and a theme each week, a variety of writing exercises, suggested actions for the week and creativity challenges.

This course also offers a 30 minute Coaching session via Zoom meeting with Nicolle to focus on your individual questions or needs.

This is a self-study course and does not have a specific start date and you have immediate access to the course at the time of purchase.


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NEW COURSE COMING September 2019

Creative Journaling for Self-Care 

By Nicolle Nattrass

Nicolle is a champion for your self-care and with this course you receive a personal 30 minute Creative Self-Care Coaching Session to support your unique needs of where you are right now.

Do you feel like you have limited time and yet would benefit from more time for ease, clarity and fuel for your daily life?

Self-care is the fuel that moves us forward in our personal and professional lives. It doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming or expensive.

All of us have within us, the ability to discover a way to practise enjoyable and simple self-care through journaling.

• New to journaling or an avid journaler who has a desire to review & receive guidance through coaching to support your individual journey

• Use your time effectively to reduce stress, find enjoyment and beauty in an easy, accessible self-care journaling practise.
• Learn easy to use journaling practices to improve clarity, strength and renewed purpose.
• Explore creative impulses through small digestible exercises & tasks that feed enjoyment through self-care.

Each creative course lesson offers:

Inspirational Quote
Definition of easy to apply journaling tool
Suggested Action for the week
Journal assignment for the week along with beautiful color & easy to use worksheets.

Weekly Creativity Challenge. (Optional)

What to Expect:

Clarity. Enjoyment. Expansion.

This 4 LESSON online self-guided course is easy to use and designed for those leading busy lives.

Lessons are easily completed within 30 minutes and the learning is meant to be joyfully and flexibly integrated into your daily/weekly life as you define what works best for your unique self-care practice.

30 Minute Personalized Coaching Session offered via Zoom to offer individual support, exercises and guidance.




In this session you will have the opportunity to:

-Discover the impact of connecting to self through journaling, review the benefits of journaling for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.
-Learn or review, self-care writing prompt.
-Work with your journal, personalize it (make it your own) with your own accents.
-Link to PowHertalks on the Power of Journaling.

Worksheets, Resources & Tools Lesson 1:
Your Creative Journal Part 1
Your Creative Journal Part 2
Journal Writing is Tuning into Your Story
Health Benefits of Journaling
How does Writing Affect Your Brain
Weekly Self-care weekly check list


In this session you will have the opportunity to:

– Investigate, get a taste of the world of research that is being done in regards to Journaling.
– Expand knowledge of journaling through use of practical new tools, timed writings.
– Examine the concept of the Characteristics of creative people, identify creative myths and connect to Affirmations & Touchstones for your own Self-Care.
– Suggested Action for the week.

Workbook, Resources & Tools Lesson 2:
Characteristics of Creative People
Creative Myths
Writing Tools Part One,
The Power of Words article
Weekly Self-care Check list


In this session you will have the opportunity:

– Reflect on progress, discoveries & identify any challenges or “critics” arising from “journal” exploration.
– Receive support & gentle encouragement to increase time with journal through Morning Pages exploration & further “feast” of suggestions on possible applications for journal use.
– Explore Weekly Gratitude writing exercise.
– Suggested Action/ Creativity challenge for the week.

Workbook, Resources & Tools Lesson 3:
Journal as Powerful Healing Tool
Everyone’s got a Critic
What If
Courage Writing Prompts
List of Self-Care Activities
Weekly Self-Care check list


In this session you will have the opportunity to:

– Acquire a greater understanding of the benefits of using journaling to reduce stress.
– Use new writing prompts to help you uncover, discover and recover interests, hopes and goals to fuel your self-care.
– Celebrate and identify your strengths.
– Additional resources, links shared and creativity challenges.

Workbook, Resources & Tools Lesson 4:
Journal Writing Tools Part 2
Self Care & Creativity together
Interest Writing Prompts
Celebrating Strengths
Summary of Benefits
Workshop Resources
Weekly Self-care Checklist

Take this course and be inspired to become a Champion for your own Self-Care!

Nicolle Nattrass

Nicolle Nattrass is a Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC II), a playwright (PGC), a professional actress (CAEA) and a Creative Self-Care facilitator. Journaling as a Creative Self-Care practise began early as a young child and is the touchstone in all of her work, personally and professionally.

With a demanding career as a professional actor for 15 years, self-care was paramount. During this time, she also began to explore her own voice as a playwright and began writing her own plays. She has recently written and performed Mamahood: Bursting into Light, a 90 minute one woman play which is an autobiographical account as a new mother and her post-partum experiences.

She believes in carrying a message to empower others through her work, whether it is as an actor, writer or as Addiction counselor. When she began volunteering at a women’s treatment centre in downtown Toronto (for alcohol and drug addiction) she never imagined that almost 4 years later, she would earn her certification as an Addiction Counselor and through that experience, create a journaling course called Creative Journaling, The Promises of Recovery specifically for those in 12 step recovery (and their families) to use as a grounding, self-care and relapse prevention tool. Further exploration, led her to recognize a need to create a journaling course Creative Journaling for the Helping Professional (CACCF 6 CEU’s) specifically for those who worked in mental health and addictions to process secondary stress, prevent burnout, etc.

Nicolle is a champion for self-care and artistic expression with the focus on ENJOYMENT! She creates courses & workbooks that are easy to use, powerful and inspiring. Nicolle values individual connection and offers a 30 minute coaching (one-on-one) session with her journaling clients. In her courses, Nicolle strives to offer a balance of guidance and freedom for her journaling clients, “no rules but opportunities to tune in for self- care to transform and move forward to the next step in your journey.”

Nicolle is incredibly grateful to be soon offering her course, Creative Journaling for Self-Care within our IAJW community as well as to be connected to this Journal Council group.

For more information about Nicolle’s work, please visit and for a list of her plays

“I thoroughly enjoyed the format, the participants and your teaching style. What I loved the most was that there were always options: options to opt in, to opt out, to sit and reflect, to choose my own idea.  You are a gift.”   Kerri Isham BA, BEd, Founder, Power Up Workshops


“I was blessed to have met Nicolle about 5 years ago on a retreat where she introduced me to Creative Journaling. I have always loved the idea of journaling and understood the mindfulness benefit but pulling the trigger and becoming a “daily journaler” was insurmountable and guilt-ridden for me. Enter Nicolle. Enter the idea that words on a page arranged in horizontal lines is not the only way to journal. Colours. Shapes. Drawings. Repetition. Scrapbook-style. What does a daily expression of self-communication look like to me? Brilliant. Easy. Guilt-free.” Rebecca Savoie BSc.


“Before working with Nicolle, I dabbled and doodled in putting pen to paper.  Now it is my SPARK, it gets me up in the morning and supports me in leading my life with intention.  I was given valuable practices that I still use today.  And what I loved most about working with Nicolle is her gift of meeting everyone where they were at and encouraging to make it your own.  Because of that, I am now able to sustain it, put my mark on it and love journaling as much as I do today.  It will always be a part of me.”  Aileen de la Torre, Co-founder and Creative Flow Originator, SPARK Creations Inc


“I was experiencing grief with the loss of friends, family and clients. The timing was so supportive for my journey and I continue today to practice journaling on a daily basis, as it does not require a lot of time.  For anyone interested in learning a new tool to support your recovery or the stress from our career in the helping field I strongly encourage this gift of journaling. Nicolle is loving, supportive and encouraging and a wonderful teacher and counselor.”  Heather Amisson ICADC, Family Counselor Renascent

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