On Being an Honest Writer

On Being an Honest Writer

Writing is a courageous act. Whether we are journaling or crafting a memoir or doing some other form of personal writing, we must be willing to tell the truth about what we experience, what we feel, and how we see the world, which goes beyond just the facts.

On Being an Honest WriterTelling the Truth vs. Stating the Facts is a Creative Writing Kit that will show you how to do this through:

  • Examining the difference between truth and facts in writing
  • Looking at what can get in the way of telling the truth
  • Exploring methods of writing with emotional honesty
  • Suggesting ways of dealing with material that may be hurtful to others
  • Offering ideas for taking more risks in writing

The suggestions, exercises, guidelines, tips, and quotes from master writers included in this On Being an Honest Writer – Creative Writing Kit will guide you along the way to deeper, more layered writing.

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One thing is certain, “Just the facts, ma’am” is seldom all the truth and being honest doesn’t have to do with just writing the facts; it goes much deeper than that.

This On Being an Honest Writer—Telling the Truth vs. Stating the Facts Creative Writing Kit and Journaling Tool will help you go beneath “just the facts” and write with emotional honesty that will result in a deeper, more layered truth.

With the aid of tips from master writers, exercises, prompts and guidelines, you’ll discover how bringing emotional honesty will help you tell the story that wants to be told including the following:

  • how turning real life into fiction can tell a truer truth
  • that a certain amount of reshaping can create a deeper emotional truth
  • the “telling details” beneath “just the facts” can reveal the deeper story
  • releasing the idea of journalistic objectivity in memoir or personal narrative writing

In addition, this tool offers a checklist of nineteen ways writers may be avoiding writing the truth that they may not be aware of and offers concrete methods of maneuvering around these bumps in the road.

Let On Being an Honest Writer—Telling the Truth vs. Stating the Facts be your companion as you join the company of courageous writers who took heart, took up their pen and wrote the stories to world longs to hear.

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Judy Reeves

Judy Reeves is an award-winning writer and teacher whose books on the writing craft include A Writer’s Book of Days (named “Best Nonfiction” by the San Diego Book Awards and a “Hottest Books for Writers” by Writer’s Digest), Writing Alone/Writing Together,The Writer’s Retreat Kit, and Wild Women, Wild Voices. Her fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared many journals and anthologies. A long-time teacher of creative writing, she previously taught at UCSD Extension and has led community-based writing practice groups for thirty years. She’s on the faculty of the Southern California Writers’ Conference, a member of the Council of the International Association for Journal Writing, and teaches at writing conferences internationally. She also teaches and leads workshops through San Diego Writers, Ink, a nonprofit literary center she cofounded in 2004. Her awards include those from the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, San Diego Writer’s Festival, and The African American Writers & Artists Association. Mayor Jerry Sanders declared July 24, 2010 “Judy Reeves Day” in San Diego. Judy’s first memoir, When Your Heart Says Go–My Year of Traveling Beyond Loss and Loneliness was published by She Writes Press in 2023. Judy lives and writes in San Diego, amid bulging bookshelves and an ancient Underwood typewriter that claims its own social media fan base.

The following testimonials are from individuals who have benefited from Judy's work, books and teachings...


“Thank you, Judy, my bin filled with writings, my one, internationally published story, my words on paper.  And I'm just one person whose life you've touched.  There are thousands of us.  I thank you from us all.” Cyndi


“Thanks for shaking me up and inspiring my own muse.” – Gina Cameron


“I have recently rekindled my love and desire for writing and I can't describe how helpful your book has been for me. … It has helped me understand who I am as a writer and dive deeper into the process.” – Ashley Looker


“Thank you for the incredibly valuable workshop. The workshop is giving me insight into who I am and who I aspire to be.” – Karen





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Original price was: $7.95.Current price is: $5.33.


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