Invitations to the Muse Journaling Tool

Invitations to the Muse Journaling Tool

Invitations to the Muse

Writing, journaling or otherwise, is a creative act and having the ability to create is a gift.

This Invitations to the Muse Journaling Tool begins with the idea that we are all creative then guides journal writers in acknowledging and expressing their creativity through:

  • Examples of how other writers and artists begin their creative work
  • Ideas for cross-fertilization and re-filling the creative well
  • A list of Ten Habits That Make a Good Writer
  • Exercises and prompts for daily writing
  • A guide for creating a Map of Creativity

By responding to the many inspirational quotes and ideas in Invitations to the Muse you’ll fill pages and pages in your journal and honor and nurture your creative self.

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How do you know if you’re creative?

Are you breathing?

Then the answer is “yes.”

Inspiration is a beautiful word when you break it down. It means “to breathe in” from the Latin, in-spir-a-tus.

This Invitations to the Muse Journaling Tool invites you to explore all the ways you are inspired and creative, beginning, as Brenda Ueland tells us, to “Remember how wonderful you are, what a miracle,” then offering many opportunities to explore and express your creativity through

  • learning how others invoke their muse and how you can create your personal invocations
  • exploring ideas for cross-fertilizations with other types of creativity and re-filling your creative well
  • responding to prompts for journaling by writing through the senses
  • mapping your creative expressions
  • writing your intentions for journaling or other creative writing

This Tool also offers a recommend list of books about creativity and writing and lists a few additional prompts for free-writing about your creative expressions and explorations.

Invitations to the Muse is a Journaling Tool to use on your own or invite journaling friends to write with you. We always say the Muse likes to work a crowd.

Judy Reeves

Judy Reeves is a writer and teacher who has published four books on writing, including the award-winning A Writer’s Book of Days, and, most recently, Wild Women, Wild Voices. Her work has appeared in the San Diego Reader, The Frozen Moment, A Year in Ink, Connotations Press, Serving House Journal, Waymark, and Expressive Writing, Classroom and Community, and other journals and anthologies. She teaches at writing conferences internationally and at San Diego Writers, Ink, a nonprofit literary center she co-founded. Current writing project: a memoir based on an around-the-world trip she took many years ago.

“Thanks for shaking me up and inspiring my own muse. I imagine your example reverberating across the land, generating waves of creativity and good work.” ~ Gina Cameron


“Along with being an expert in her field, Judy is devoted to guiding individuals in creating a personal daily writing practice.” ~ Pamela Underwood 



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