As a writer, I love language, words and stories. I also love numbers! I’m not sure where my love of lucky numbers developed? Perhaps it originates from my childhood…when week after week my Dad put a lot of focus into picking out his lottery numbers. I would regularly go with him to buy his lottery tickets, often racing to make it before the ticket sales cut off. A great deal of time with my Dad was spent listening to him talking about what he would do with the money, he was convinced, he would win in the lottery. He actually did win some money one year, around $2,500 and he talked about that win for well over a decade!

I’ve always enjoyed games with numbers – Bingo, Yahtzee, various card games. and slot machines (lucky 7’s). I always thought my birthday to be a lucky number being on September 11th (a set of 1’s) – until 9/11 and the devastation of that world event in the United States and beyond. To reclaim the joyful meaning of this date, we chose it as our wedding date – September 11th, 2004. I like when the clock reads 11:11.

I enjoy numerology and other patterned predictions. Today’s Palindrome date (02/02/2020) got me thinking about journaling through the numbers in our lives. Here are some journaling prompts that you can use to play with this idea…

Journaling Prompts Inspired by Numbers

  • What is your favourite number and why?
  • Is there a number that you always notice – like 11:11 or 333 or ? If so, what is that number and why do you think it attracts your attention?
  • Do you have any numbers you are superstitious about?
  • What year were you born? What was going on in the world during that year? What key events in the news? What music were hits that year? For example, Neil Armstrong landed on the moon the year I was born (1969).
  • What is your birthday number? Does that number have a significant meaning for you?
  • How many times will you try something before you give up?
  • Do you have a lucky number? What makes it lucky?
  • Have you ever had the same number on a sports jersey? A number that has come with you through the years?
  • How many journals do you have? Is there anything significant about that particular number?
  • Do you have a favourite highway or road you have traveled down? Does it have a number? For example, I loved driving across Canada on Highway 1 (aka the Trans Canada Highway).
  • As you think about numbers, what comes to mind?

May both words and numbers inspire your creative thinking and self-expression this week!


Author Bio: Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC is the Director of the International Association for Journal Writing, and author of the weekly Journal Juice Museletter.  Sign-up for our Museletter and receive your FREE 7 Servings of Journal Juice gift!