Your Dreams, Hanging on Stars

I walked past you while you slept.

I saw the essence of you, in a dream.

I heard your heart, your longings and your desires,

as quiet whispers floating up and out into the night sky.


As you slept, you dreamed about…

freedom, happiness, joy, radiant health,

inner peace, confidence, acceptance,

ease, flow, pleasure, abundance and more –

all your desires were hanging on the stars, lighting up the darkness.


You danced in your dreams, expressed yourself fully.

You were not confused, or stuck, or procrastinating,

or waiting, or wondering, or suffering in any way.

You were enjoying pure BLISS.

Eyes closed. Breathing steady.


Your enoughness pulsed through your body, breath by breath.

Your aliveness was held by the surface beneath you.

Rest came easy.  Dreams flowed.

Truth and knowing and desire

rose up from within you

as images, colours, words, sounds

all twirling and swirling in your peaceful slumber.


There were no limiting beliefs, stressors, fears, worries,

or lack, as you dreamed and rested and let your body be still.

There were no judgments or mistakes or regrets, only your breath breathing you,

allowing you to soar and live wholeheartedly, without regrets.


Now you are awake, breathing, being…

Close your eyes, just for a moment, and remember all the

ease and flow and dreams that live within you.


You are awake, awakening.

Open your eyes and heart to what lives within you,

ready for the new light of day.


Author:  Lynda Monk, Director,  I wrote this poem in my journal back in 2016.  I do not write poetry per se, but every now and then a poem like writing emerges in the pages of my journal. I was recently re-reading my journal for a memoir project I am working on and came across this.  It was written next to my husband one night while he was asleep.