What do you do?

Recently, I was sitting beside someone on an airplane (I travel a lot to facilitate workshops, speak at events, etc.) and she asked me, “what do you do?”  I responded, “I am a Writing for Wellness Coach and I teach people how to use writing to improve their health, prevent burnout, and feel more joy in their lives through creative self-expression.”

This embarked us into a conversation about how her daughter has used journaling to help her get through a really dark time in her life.  She said, “I have no idea how writing has helped her, but I can see that it has.”

I explained a bit about how expressive writing can be helpful in our lives and she was surprised to learn that there is something called “therapeutic journaling” and “writing therapy”.  This field of work is not widely known (I am always explaining to people what it is I actually do!)

I told her about the IAJW.org and how we are a learning and inspiration community for journal writers worldwide and for people who want to experience the many life and health enhancing benefits of writing in their lives.

What is writing therapy?

Writing therapy involves using the written word, self-expression, and life story for the purposes of healing and self-discovery.

There are many ways to engage in healing and personal growth through contemplative practices such as meditation, yoga, mindfulness and in this case, expressive writing.

There is well over 35 years of scientific research that proves there are many benefits that can be gained through writing about your thoughts and feelings.  Lowered blood pressure, improved immune functioning, reduced stress, greater confidence, more clarity for decision making, healing emotional wounds, improving personal relationships, cultivating personal resilience and making meaning out of life events are among the many proven benefits of expressive writing.

Learn more about writing therapy and the history of this healing and wellness practice https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Writing_therapy

Life Enriching Benefits of Creative Self-Expression

Beyond writing therapy, are the many life enriching benefits of creative self-expression.  Journaling is a way to cultivate joy, gratitude and self-awareness in daily life.  What we focus on grows.

Pause & Reflect

Do you write for wellness and personal growth?  What has your experience been with this healing and expressive art?  What area of  your life or health would you like to improve?  Journaling can help!

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