This is very exciting time for the IAJW – International Association for Journal Writing.  This journal writing community was founded many years ago by Ruth Folit.  You might remember the IAJW, like myself, you might even have been a past member of this inspiring community. The IAJW had to take an unexpected pause a few years back due to personal circumstances for Ruth and she eventually decided to pass her creation my way with the vision of breathing new life into the amazing work and community she started years ago.

Our new website and new look, promises you the same great experience of year’s past and also includes many of the resources that are part of the origin of the IAJW – including many past Journal Council Experts who are coming forward for this next chapter of our community, great articles, an audio library with telechats Ruth hosted, and many new offerings too – inspiring courses, e-books, journaling tools and brand new member benefits, as well as some of the all-time favourites like our monthly telechats and writing circles.

What you see today on our new site, is just the beginning!  A gentle re-awakening to open the door to future growth, connections and creativity together.  Soon you will find many free resources, inspiring quotes on writing, new course and product offerings (there will be at least 3 new course offerings here by March), and more.  We are ready to serve you and your journal writing needs and wishes.

Journal writing is an art, a craft, a life companion and a tool for improved health, self-expression, personal growth, clarity, joy and beyond.  It is a life practice that can enrich us in mind, body, heart and spirit – helping us be the best we can be, while being a fun and infinitely creative way to know, grow and care for ourselves.  Journal writing is a playground for language, stories, words, images, dreams and musings – it nourishes us from within and can improve our lives, individually and collectively.

“Life isn’t a support-system for art.  It’s the other way around.”  Stephen King

You can join the IAJW now and save.  Take advantage of our re-awakening special – for just $47.00 a year you get access to all of our member benefits including our article and audio libraries, automatic 20% savings on all our offerings, free monthly telechats with guest experts, over 60 journaling tips from our IAJW Journal Council experts, monthly writing circles and more.

Here’s to the art, heart and craft of journal and life writing – may it enrich us all.  Get your free 7 Servings of Journal Juice – and juice up your journaling!   Thank you for being here.