The Pandemic Journaling Project 

You may have heard of “The Pandemic Journaling Project”, it has been circulating in the media, including within social media communities.  This is a fascinating project!

You can read more about it in this recent article in the New York Times .

The article reads…

‘Right Now Feels So Long and Without Any End in Sight’ More than 700 people have been keeping digital diaries as part of Pandemic Journaling Project. It may be the most complete record of our shifting moods in this isolating year.  Click here to read more.


Your Pandemic Journaling: Please share your voice and words here…

This article got me thinking about our IAJW journaling community and how we as journal writers are using our personal writing practices to tap into resilience, well-being and to cope during this pandemic time.

I would love to learn more about how journaling is supporting you during this continued Covid pandemic time.  I so hope you will add your voice and perhaps even and excerpt from your journal in the comments below.  We learn from one another’s stories, thank you!

I will start us off…

Dear Covid, you were declared a Global Pandemic just over one year ago now.  Since that time you have stolen millions of lives, leaving a wake of grief, loss, stress, exhaustion, fear and frustration rippling through individuals and families and long-term care homes and communities and hospitals and workplaces and businesses and the world.

You are a virus of mass destruction – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Your presence is breeding increased racism and hatred and conflict.

You are causing high levels of stress, anxiety and depression in many, many people.  People who never suffered from such mental health challenges before can barely breath, barely sleep.

I can breathe and I can sleep, most nights.  But there are nights when I lie awake looking at the moon through our bedroom window – awake in the dark – I count my blessings and feel my tears all at once.  Sometimes I am so tired that I can’t sleep, truly exhausted from it all. I want to keep my family safe, myself safe, our island community safe.  I want my mom to be safe in her care home a half a country away.

There have been many changes and many losses because of you Covid.  There are positive gains too, like more time together as a family and not being away from home traveling for work.

Positive.  I have been thinking a lot about the importance of staying positive and hopeful and optimistic, as all of these things are aspects of being and staying resilient during times of adversity and disruptive change.

Covid you are a disruptive change. You are the mask I wear over my face, you are the threat that lingers.  But even with you here, I am choosing to look beyond you and notice the beauty and joy in the simple pleasures of daily life – writing in my journal over morning coffee, doing work that is meaningful, sharing a great meal around our kitchen table, calling my Mom to say “I love you” and wish her a good night’s sleep, and tucking in beside the man I love at the end of each day.

I walk in nature most days, I notice the daffodils and other signs of spring.  I watch the tide go out and in. I stand amidst tall trees under blue skies.  The sun still comes out Covid.  We are going to survive you by finding the bright spots in our days

I pause and I inhale deeply, taking air deep into my lungs, grateful I can breathe fully.  Exhaling, I release anything I want to let go of, even just for a moment.  I breathe thinking about my own aliveness at this time, a time which will be eventually written in history. You Covid, are making history.  So are the rest of us.

Ok, your turn…

Please offer a comment below, perhaps you want to share…

  1. How you have used journaling to cope during this pandemic
  2. A pandemic experience of your own
  3. An excerpt from your journal during this Covid time
  4. What is one bright spot you are able to notice at this time?

Thank you!

May journaling support us all to tap into our resilience, stay well and live authentic lives during this pandemic and beyond!