Notice! The Art of Observation by Joyce Chapman

Notice! The Art of Observation by Joyce Chapman

Notice! The Art Of Observation contains over 400 simple, yet mind-opening statements that can support you with deeper self-discovery in your journal.

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Notice! The Art Of Observation contains over 400 simple, yet mind-opening statements that anyone can relate to. As you begin the habit of noticing, you may be centered in self-searching. You may want to create a new life for yourself, discover where your true talents lie, change careers, develop better relationships with others, improve your health, reduce stress, overcome negative thinking, or achieve a life-long goal.

The ability to discover the answers for yourself is within your grasp as you practice the “Notice!” method. Noticing can teach you how to tap into a blossoming relationship with the sacred that deepens and grows along with you. If you work diligently and earnestly continue to develop your observational expertise, there exists a possibility that the focus may change from: seeking to inquiring, from looking at everything through concepts formed by conditioning, to observing without any interpretation, from self-centered activity to freedom from the self.

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Joyce Chapman

Joyce Chapman is a leading expert in the field of journal keeping and has been involved for over 50 years in education, motivational training, consulting, and coaching for individuals and businesses internationally. She is passionate about journaling and has spent her life as a teacher, coach and facilitator helping others actualize their dreams using her step-by-step journaling techniques. Her work focuses on enabling people to tap into their inner knowing and live true to their ultimate potential. Those who have experienced Joyce’s speaking engagements and seminars have made incredible changes in their lives. Through the services of her consulting, coaching and speaking company, they have been awakened to a fuller, more joyful way of life.

Joyce enjoys working with large and small groups or on an individual basis. Her innovative topics and techniques leave people feeling that the deepest joy within their hearts has been touched and invited to come out and play – and stay. The lives of thousands have been enriched and changed through her workshops, presentations, home study programs, and personal coaching. Joyce is the author of several books and their companion workbooks: Journaling For Joy, Journaling For Joy: The Workbook, Live Your Dream, The Live Your Dream Workbook, Celebrate Your Dream, Celebrate Your Dream: Workbook, Raising A Dreamer, and Notice: The Art of Observation, series. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and is well known in the field of Personal and Professional Coaching.