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Welcome to The Focused Journal Method Course

Nothing matters more than the way we relate to ourselves. The Focused Journal Method is a technique that can help you enter into a better self-relationship through using journaling in a specific way.The Focused Journal Method

The Focused Journal Method has 8 steps that will be taught in detail within this course, these include: 

Step 1. You identify an issue

Step 2. You examine its significance

Step 3. You identify core questions

Step 4. You tease out intentions

Step 5. You notice what shadows get activated

Step 6. You identify the strengths you bring

Step 7. You align your thoughts with your intentions

Step 8. You align your behaviors with your intentions

This is a self-guided course and offers you 8 lessons which include the key steps of the Focused Journal Method.  Enjoy!  May your journal writing practice and the results you want in your life be enriched by this intentional and focused journal method.