I love to keep my journal writing fresh and creative by using various journal writing techniques, tools and prompts.  One of my favourite and quickest ways to play in my journal and deepen self-awareness as I write is to use various card decks as prompts for my writing.

This photo captures some of my go-to card decks and there are many other decks available too.

Here are 3 ways you can use cards as journal writing prompts:

  1. Set your intention or focus for your journal writing time and then pick a card (from your deck of choice) and ask how this card speaks to your focus, what ideas, information and more does this particular card spark for you and write down the ideas and insights that come to you.
  2. If you are trying to gain clarity or make a decision, you can ask the cards, “What insights do you have for me about the decision I am trying to make?”  Then pull a card and see what answers, insights and/or considerations might come and write about them.  The cards can serve as an oracle, offering different openings into your own self-awareness and ideas on the topic or decision you are reflecting on.
  3. Pull 3 cards turned down and spread them out in a row, then pick the card that calls to you and see what wisdom it has to offer.  Set your timer and do a timed free writing inspired by the card you pulled.

Do you have a favourite card deck that you use as a springboard or creative way to inspire or spark your own journal writing?  Please share in the comments below.  We learn from one another!  Happy writing.