Many mornings I walk around my Florida yard–to see if new transplants are adapting to their new locations, checking on the potted plants that they are sufficiently moist, watering some newly planted bamboo, and visiting my avocado, mulberry, grapefruit and mango trees to make sure that they are happy. It’s not a daily routine, but it’s a continuous checking in to see how the plants are doing. I recently fertilized some bougainvillea which I moved from ground into pots, hoping to bring big splashes of color to the front walk and the back deck. On the fertilizer package, some text caught my eye: meaningful levels of micronutrients. The slogan struck me as a bit odd, and I started thinking about my own meaningful levels of micronutrients, small doses of things that have big impact.

How do I bring meaningful levels of micronutrients into my everyday life? Here are some things that I do–I sit outside as often as I can when I’m eating at home. I don’t eat lunch and work at the same time. I try to write a few things that I feel grateful for during the day–or at least think of them as I’m falling asleep. I try to increase my F.Q. (my husband’s shorthand for a term he coined: the “fun quotient”) by going to a movie mid-week, going for a walk with a friend one morning each week, eating a small piece or two of dark chocolate a day, surprising an out-of-town friend with a phone call.

So try this journal writing prompt: What’s a meaningful level of micronutrients that you use to sustain the blooming in your life? Can you identify your micronutrients?

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Written by Ruth Folit