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It’s the fifth anniversary of the
International Association for Journal Writing.
We’re celebrating and you are invited to the after-party!
Come listen to recorded conversations with eminent mentors who help us enrich our own writing.

The nine speakers are:

Natalie Goldberg, Louise DeSalvo, Christina Baldwin,  Mark Matousek, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Sheila Bender John Evans, Beth Jacobs and Susan Borkin!

Click here to learn more.

Want to deepen, expand, and juice up your journaling?

Whatever your reasons for journal writing, whether to:

  • balance your emotions
  • know, understand, and stay connected with yourself 
  • grapple with a life dilemma–illness, career change, stress
  • find more meaning in your life
  • improve your writing skills
  • boost your creativity
  • celebrate your life
  • deepen your spiritual connection

the International Association for Journal Writing encourages, educates, and energizes you 365 days a year!

We’re here to help you write, write in your own voice, and write more deeply. We’ll help you stick with your journal writing. Once you are a member you’ll find that you are learning ways to keep your journal writing fresh and your momentum high.  In short, we’ll help you juice up your journaling!

Thirty of the most respected journal writing experts worldwide are on theIAJW Journal Council, to offer you a wide-ranging array of articles, teleseminars, videos, discussion forums, online groups and more!

Read sample articles, peak at our list of telechats, view current classes

“I found the IAJW in my online adventures while looking for somewhere to learn more about journaling. What I found was an invaluable, nurturing, exciting place where I could take classes, order some of the best books about memoir writing and the personal essay, listen to amazing writers and teachers talking about their craft and learn more about the LifeJournal software which I had downloaded several years before.Now, I am embarking on writing my memoir, a journey of a lifetime. I doubt that I would have been ready without becoming a member of the IAJW. And, I doubt whether I would have been able to call myself a writer without all the support and instruction that I’ve received from the IAJW.”
–Karin Goldberg, IAJW member

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